Friday, June 4, 2021

LOONEY TUNES / The Stupid Cupid - 1944

Here's one directed by Frank Tashlin and written by Warren Foster where Cupid pays a visit to a farm yard to spread his springtime passion..

Elmer Fudd plays the overly anxious Cupid, pretty looney if you ax me!

So, his first attempt at instant love is a success, these birdies are ready to settle down and start a family, just the way it's supposed to work!

But things don't always go according to plan, like this case here...

The bulldog wants to marry the kitty!

Of course the cat says... Now I've seen everything!.. And proceeds to shoots itself 9 times!!

Daffy's taking a bath in the trough, and just when Cupid is ready to let his arrow fly, Daffy gets in his face for a good reason!

Daffy pulls out a photo album and shows Cupid how he has already ruined his life with his potent arrows. The second photo has a fold out showing even more younger kids, all the way down to an egg with its little legs sticking out of the shell!

So there, take that Cupid! Now, get lost!!

Not to be shunned by the duck, Cupid constructs a giant arrow using a tree as a bow. He zeroes in on Daffy and lets it fly!

Daffy is knocked through all the hen houses, and...

He ends up slammed into a tree and falls through on a slab of wood. Then, Daffy sees something that catches his eye!

He immediately falls in love with one of the hens and tries to woo her...

But hubby rooster shows up to deal with the lecherous duck.

Daffy swears to the rooster that it was Cupid's fault, not his, he's just not that kind of duck, he's a family man himself! He begs for forgiveness and the rooster finally gives in...

But on the way back to his place, freakin' Cupid hits him with another arrow!

And, you guessed it, that stupid Cupid!!

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