Monday, June 14, 2021

DOS FANTASMAS Y UNA MUCHACHA / Two Ghosts And A Young Woman - 1959

Here's a decent little musical horror comedy from Mexico about two men that fight a duel over a woman where they both shoot each other and become ghosts. For 50 years they are confined to the theatre (by the boss ghost) they shot each other in because they refuse to become friends. After an incident, they become friends and use their ghostly skills to foil the bad guys.

It stars German Valdes aka Tin-Tan, Ana Luisa Peluffo and Manuel 'Loco' Valdes (brother of German). 

It all starts at the theatre Ana is performing her number, until...

In one box, German confronts Manuel in another box for the hand of Ana/

Manuel pulls out his revolver, and German does the same... They both shoot each other and end up as ghosts in the old theatre where it all happened

For 50 years they feud with each other but then something happens that ends the rift, and they team up to use their unearthly skills.

You see, this couple came into the old theatre for some alone time, but when the guy abuses the woman, the duo steps in. The floating hand trick works every time!

Thing is, the girl looks exactly like their beloved Ana, obviously a relative. The boys introduce themselves and pledge that they'll be around if needed.

But first, the boys put on some ghostly acts for her as she sits in a theatre seat. Love this one, it's just freaking out there!

And some kaleidoscope fun to boot.

They pop in at the end of the act to remind her that they'll be watching...

Holy cow!!.. She's in a monster musical movie and is getting ready for the shoot.

She plays the heroine chased by all the monsters! Weirds-Ville! After all, it's a musical.

In one scene where this guy interacts with Ana (I guess), well, they invisibly punch him and it may be my favorite scene, great acting.

The director can't believe what he's seeing as the ghosts wreak havoc on the set

They become visible and the cameras keep on rolling!

These robbers try and extort money from the film's producer, but...

Could it be possible that the boys are lurking around in the room?

German tells the head crook to go ahead and shoot him in the head and sees what happens. The guy shoots him, nothing happens except some smoke. Then German mentally sends a diesel locomotive at the bad guy and he turns to jelly...

It ends with German, Ana and Manuel dancing off into the sky, a fun little flick!

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Grant said...

It's always nice to hear about a Mexican horror film (or horror comedy) that I haven't seen.

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