Friday, January 22, 2021

LADY VAMPIRE / Richard Olson - Monster Kid Home Movies - 1968

We have a short class today with this little four minute Monster Kid Home Movie by Richard Olson from the year Eegah!! and Tabonga! went into the Army. I always have to make a title cards for Richard, something they overlooked with his movies. The beginning has a few totally dark pans and it's hard to see what's going on with the figures, but, you know... Kids!! The photo is of a teenage girl going to her window, in case you were wondering.

Then, another figure appears... Now, this is weird, that will be the only time there is a girl in the story. It's very dark but I guess she bites the guy on the neck, and...

He turns into a Dracula! There are some cool shots of Richard walking with a nice red glow on him, but dark. I thought, wow, I hope they keep it up because it gives it a nice eerie effect, not bad for some kids!

Like this shot, and that x-ray there was used in another lil' movie of theirs.

But then it happened, now, too much light! A lot of the time it's hard to get a decent still (for the rest of the movie) because these little jerks are moving around like maniacs!! Okay, here's the haps.. Those are two robbers in the living room, picking up dollar bills laying all over the place! Huh? They're stuffing it all in their pockets. Before this though, one of the robbers had choked out another kid on the couch!

I showed this pic because of that ceramic skull in the background. Hey, nice lid!

Now get ready!!.. This is the dreaded.. Choker!! The face of a brutal killer! It is sooo funny to see this little guy wearing his uncle's hat.

Now wait a minute! If this is all taking place in the living room, where in the Hell are we?!

Richard shows up to settle the score, as a blood sucker, frightening the intruders.

He puts this guy out quickly, so that...

He can get to that little shit, the Choker! This pic is funny!

Richard's teeth have like 3" fangs, and at the very end of the scene, they fall out before the camera operator cuts!!

It's a nut house to the end as Richard just wrassles with the two dummies! 

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