Wednesday, January 27, 2021

FRINGE - "Question The Answers" (2008)

Tonight's Wednesday Weirdness is just that and more! It's called "Fringe" and it's a TV show that aired from 2008 until 2013! Did I ever see any of them at the time? Hell no, I've been busy watching movies from 50 or 60 years earlier. Here's the deal! You see those three names on the title card? Then, just think "Star Trek," "Star Wars," and "Mission Impossible" just for starters and you will know what kind of show "Fringe" was!
"Fringe" is a high-tech freak show!
 This "Pilot" episode starts on an airliner, and ends somewhere East of Hell!

So, what's the big deal? Everything seems just fine. Just another mundane day on the job!

Everything goes to Hell in a handbag in no time at all!

Hey Captain, I think I might be sick!

It's a good thing they did, or this flight would never have made it to the runway!

Is there anything more comforting that a neon Motel sign?
I think not!

The star of this show is Anna (Mindhunter) Torv as FBI agent Olivia Dunham. That's Olivia's boyfriend agent John Scott behind her. They have to keep their relationship secret because FBI agents are not supposed to fraternize, much less have sex! John was played by Mark Valley. Mark was the voice of Superman in "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns."

The plane landed and now it's time to have a gagging good time looking inside!

The two agents have a perp in their sights!

Agent Dunham sees her boyfriend get blown up in a massive explosion!

And she barely escapes alive herself!

But somehow the perp comes out of it unscathed!

John Scott, on the other hand, ain't feeling that great, and it appears that the chemicals that were in that explosion have a lot to do with what was happening to the people on that plane.

You know what they say about desperate times, Agent Dunham is willing to enlist the help of a Doctor who has been in a mental institution for almost two decades. His son also becomes a major player in this story, because you can't visit this lunatic unless family is present, and his son is the only family he has left.

If you think this giant high-tech company called "Massive Dynamic" has anything to do with it, then you might be right! 
"What do we do?" Everything! "What don't we do?" Nothing!!

Agent Dunham gets the krazy ass Doctor out of the asylum, and they get his old lab up and running. He tells her that he has a plan where she can communicate with John, but she has to strip and take L.S.D. and get in this tank to make it all happen!

The reason she wants to get inside John's head is so that maybe she will be able to identify the perp, since John actually was the only one who saw the jerk's face.

It's quite an interesting journey for her!

Her efforts were not wasted, and they are able to quickly put together a composite of the perp!
There are moments of levity............

......But it's mostly pretty damn serious!
I watched the first official episode last night, and I don't know if I will make it through a full five seasons, but I think I'm going to give it a try, starting with the next episode as soon as I finish writing this.

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KD said...

Those three guys trashed Star Trek!

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