Monday, January 18, 2021

THE THREE STOOGES In "I'm A Monkey's Uncle" - 1948

So, here's a fun little caveman story, Moe gets ready to meet his new girlfriend but she brings her two sisters along for the ride...

Boy, talk about a timely statement!

Moe gets woken up when his fishing line, attached to his toe, signals that he's caught a nice fish for breakfast. Time for Larry and Shemp to get outta the sack and help out with the chores.

The milkman comes by and Shemp goes out to cheer him on!

In the meantime, Moe spots a duck in the water and thinks he's got another tasty meal to take back to the cave...

But, the duck has other plans! He imitates Curly's grunts and groans here!

Shemp and Larry see a duck behind the brush, they draw back their bows and release two arrows that find their mark on Moe's posterior, as the duck was riding on his back! 

Moe's getting ready to go meet his girl, after shaving with a stone ax, he puts some butter on his hair and combs it with the fish bones.

Shemp and Larry want in on the action, so, the boys all grab their clubs for some special caveman love making!

The boys come out of the cave to find three sisters there, whoa, a girl for each of them. Moe and Larry's girls are attractive, but...

Shemp's girl is big and pushy, not to mention homely!!

And of course, the girls' real boyfriends show up to retrieve them!

Moe, Larry and Shemp's girl all get a spear in the rear!

It's time to fight back, the boys find a tree with a perfect limb to hurl whatever they can find to assault the three angry cavedudes!

They get hit with rocks, mud and even a nest with eggs in it.

But after the boys hurl a freaking skunk at them, well, it's time to hightail it back to from wherever they came!

The Stooges actually get the girls in this one! Now it's time for me to hightail it back to the tipped over place we call the world.


KD said...

Just what I wanted/needed after my return from a week in the hospital: SHEMP! :D

Thanks, pals!

TABONGA! said...

Bro, I actually did this one just for YOU! Hoping all is well there...

KD said...

Many thanks, TABONGA! my friend. :)

Right now I'm just glad to be home again, comfy and cozy in my own bed and eating food that tastes pretty good! I tip my hat to the nurses of the world, and I had a few that were just wonderful and who knew how to stick needles in me without jerking them around or leaving bruises, lol. Some even enjoyed my warped sense of humor, too.

I'll have a few weeks at least of physical therapy and home visits, and I'm fortunate to have a couple friends nearby to do stuff like bring in the mail, take out the trash, and pick up something good for us to eat on their way over here.

I'm lucky that I didn't need surgery after the nasty falls I took, but I'll say this: in times like what I've had, I find out how much kinder and generous my friends (and my hospital nurses!) are than I had ever imagined. They all deserve Sainthood for what they've done and are doing...and that includes the Dungeon Crew for the welcome home from SHEMP, too! :D



PS: Boy, was this crazy cat of mine happy to see me again! =}

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