Wednesday, January 13, 2021

THE THREE STOOGES - "Outer Space Jitters" (1957)

I'm not a big fan of the later Three Stooges episodes, but this one titled "Outer Space Jitters" ain't half bad, and makes for a perfect Weird Ass Wednesday down in The Dungeon!

The Planet of Sunev is a planet they feel they need to explain is Venus spelled backwards!

Okay, you gotta admit, fedoras on top of space helmets is pretty funny! This is a good ensemble shot of the main cast. Besides The Stooges, you've got left to right, Philip (Citizen Kane) Van Zandt as The High Mucky Muck, Gene (She Demons, The Spider) Roth as The Grand Zilch, and Emil (Two Nuts In A Rut, Jitter Bughouse) Sitka as Professor Jones. Gene Roth was also The Judge in "The Twilight Zone" episode "Shadow Play," and Emil Sitka was in multiple Stooges episodes.

The High Mucky Muck explains to The Professor that the citizens of Sunev have electricity flowing through their veins instead of blood, and they are capable of creating eternal life, and then he proceeds to bring this primitive man back to life

Then he tells the Professor that they have millions of these guys ready to take over the earth!
If the primitive man looks familiar, it's because it's none other than Hoss from 415 episodes of "Bonanza!" For some reason as you can see in the title card, he's credited as Don Blocker instead of Dan Blocker.

The Stooges then get to meet three hot Sunev chicks as played by Arline (The Angry Red Planet) Hunter, Diana (The Amazing Colossal Man) Darrin, and Harriette (Multiple Stooges shorts) Tarler.

These gals are so hot, they even have spark plugs in their crowns!

And when they kiss The Stooges, the sparks more than fly!!
This was the first Three Stooges short I saw in a long time where Larry had his hair slicked back.

Despite all the electricity, the boys are in Sunev heaven.

The gals invite the guys to share a meal, and it's not until later that they are told it's their last supper!

By far, the tastiest thing on the menu is the clams, and the girls sure enjoy them!

It does become a bit of a comical problem for the Stooges, since the girls eat the shells too!

The boys manage to escape that scene, but then unwittingly throw the switch that brings the primitive man back to life again, which is going to cause some real problems!

They thought they ditched him, so Moe doesn't even see the big guy standing behind him!

But Joe and Larry sure see him!

It's pretty interesting that before "Bonanza" started shooting in 1959, both Dan Blocker and Michael (Little Joe) Landon had been monsters in 1957. Dan as this primitive man, and Michael as a teenage werewolf!

Moe Howard was five foot, three and one half inches tall and Dan Blocker was six foot, and four inches tall! No wonder he couldn't feel him breathing down his neck!

I had to show this shot of Moe using a sanding plane on Larry's cranium! Ouch!

The boys get back from Sunev just in time to tell the tale to their freaky ass kids as a night time story!

Everything's cool until the primitive looking babysitter shows up!

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EG-Markus said...

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, funny about Joe Besser. Moe and Larry never wanted him. The studio forced him on them. After which he got the idea he was the star. I don't regard any of the Besser shorts as legit.

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