Friday, January 15, 2021

ULTRAMAN / "The Forbidden World" - 1967

In today's Ultraman episode, Hayata (Ultraman), Fuji and a kid are trapped by the malevolent invader Mafilas. He turns Fuji into a giant, building destroying creature before resurrecting three of Ultraman's previous monster enemies. This is one crazy adventure!! 

It all starts when two Science Patrol members and a kid are at an air show. The Japanese version of The Thunderbirds are doing aerial tricks when a giant freighter comes floating by, only to have it explode over the crowd!

Two members of the Science Patrol go into space following a signal from an unknown source only to find a spaceship graveyard. They report in and then head back to Earth.

In the meantime, Fuji shows up as a giant and seems to be hypnotized.

Then the kid ends up captured in a strange place.

It turns out that he's in the spaceship of Mefilas, now operating on Earth. The monster explains to the kid that his race wants to take over Earth and find an alternative planet for earthlings to move to! He says that they are a peaceful race, but, they intend on getting their way!!

I'll tell you, the Mefilas creature doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but after Japan has just about made every conceivable creation, well, you gotta come up with something!

The kid is left hanging after he refuses to agree with the invader on his plan.

So, the monster commands giant Fuji to start tearing the crap out of  the city...

Fuji disappears and is replaced by three monsters that Ultraman fought in previous episodes, their names are the Baltan Alien, the Kemurian and the Zarab Alien. That second guy gave me some ideas for new monster sculpture heads!

Then, the military locates the flying saucer of Mefilas and hit it with everything they gots. I like the bottom photo with the explosions going off behind the trees.

The invader fights back with rays shooting from that weapon on top. It hits one of The Science Patrol's plane right on its nose!

In the meantime, no one can locate Hayata until they find him in the saucer. He's been frozen by Mefilas and cannot be moved, so, they grab Fuji and the kid and get out of the ship.

In a freak event, Hayata, who's holding his transformer in his hand, falls down face first and that activates his transformation into Ultraman! That's freaking lucky!

Our hero clashes with Mefilas (now a giant) and they are very evenly matched, their attempts to harm one another results in mutual nullification!

Even after taking to the sky, no one can dominate the other...

So, believe it or not, they declare a draw. And as one alien to another, Mafilas says... You get your way this time, but in the future, I will get my way!! And he disappears into the nowhere, just like this post.

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Grant said...

Even for ULTRAMAN this is a pretty wild episode.
I'm not surprised the show kept bringing back the "Baltan" characters, since they had to be nearly the spookiest ones the show had.

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