Wednesday, April 15, 2020

DIE TÜR MIT DEN 7 SCHLÖSSEM - "The Door With Seven Locks" (1962)

It's a Edgar Wallace Wednesday in The Dungeon, and tonight's feature,
"The Door With Seven Locks!"

Another version of  "The Door With Seven Locks" was released in 1940, and then they changed the name to "Chamber Of Horrors!"
The title "Chamber Of Horrors" was then used again for a completely different movie that was made in 1966.

I don't know how many of these Edgar Wallace films they made using these interchangeable cast members, but there's a lot of them, and somehow, they're always good!
In "The Door With Seven Locks" we have Heinz Drache in the lead role instead of Joachim Fuchsberger.

Not such a regular to this cast, I think Savina Sesselmann was only in one other Edgar Wallace film, "The Devil's Daffodil."

Hans Nielsen was in the Edgar Wallace classics "The Indian Scarf," "The Phantom Of Soho," and "The Monster Of London City."

Gisela Uhlen was also in "The Indian Scarf," and "The Hunchback Of Soho."

Pinkas Braun was in the colourful Wallace titles "Secret Of The Red Orchid," and "The Curse Of The Yellow Snake."

The always great Werner Peters was also in "The Phantom Of Soho," and "The Black Abbot."

I'm counting at least eleven Edgar Wallace movies that Klaus Kinski has been in!

This might be the only Edgar Wallace film that Friedrich Joloff was in, but he did a lot of other work like being in six of the seven episodes of  "Raumpatrouille - Die Phantastischen Abenteuer des Raumschiffes Orion," or German "Space Patrol."

The Austrian equivalent to Tor Johnson, and professional wrestler Ady Berber is in this film too.
Ady was also in the super classic "Dead Eyes Of London," and "Dr. Mabuse Vs. Scotland Yard."

Last but not least is Eddie Arent who provided the comic relief in at least 19 Edgar Wallace films by my counting!

You got seven locks, then you're gonna need some keys!

I think there is a close up of an eye or an eye peeping through some weird hole in every Edgar Wallace movie that was ever made!

Snakes don't exist just in the jungle!

It's 'The Door!'

"Hey Klaus, you've got something on your lip right about here!"

Even Klaus Kinski's character Pheeny can't believe how hard it is to find a copy of this film!

It just makes you want to scream!!!


EG-Markus said...

Classic Movies DVD has a box set of EW films & this picture is included.

EEGAH!! said...

Thanks, and I don't know if I went to the right place or not, but the EW sets I saw were in PAL format, which doesn't work in the U.S.

Randall Landers said...

CreepsterTV used to have all of these German krimis, and that's where I spent many rainy afternoons between shoots.

Peterpeter said...

What a wonderful Edgar Wallace post!

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