Monday, April 6, 2020

THE THREE STOOGES / "How High Is Up?" - 1940

In today's story, Moe, Larry and Curly are the 'Minute Menders' who live in their work truck, and sleep under it to save on rent. They decide to drum up some business by punching holes in the unattended lunch boxes of some workmen, so, they'll pay the boys to fix their them, right? When they're caught in the act, they escape and accidentally get hired as riveters on a new building going up, and they'll be working on the 97th floor! Their ineptitude and total lack of workmanship messes up construction on the building, and the boys must parachute off the building to escape the wrath of the boss. This one also stars the wonderful Vernon Dent and Bruce Bennett has a small part too.

Here's the Minute Menders' work truck, just parked there, with the boys asleep under it.

Welp, wouldn't you know it, a water truck comes by and floods the street and the Stooges drift away on their mattress. I love how the people walking down the sidewalk just stop and watch the sheer insanity of the situation! Then a policeman comes along and uses his club to get the boys quickly off the street and get the damn traffic flowing again!

Curly, with the help (?) of Moe and Larry, can't get his freakin' sweater off!..

After getting caught in the act by workers who they had punctured holes in their lunch boxes in order to fix them, our little nimrods escape by darting aimlessly right through that door there! Somehow, the boys end up getting jobs as riveters, ho-boy, get ready for this!!..

Then they find out they'll be working on the 97th floor, almost a thousand feet up in the air!

Okay, Curly gets scared when he looks down, so, Moe simply puts a kerchief over his eyes!!

Larry's the rivet heater upper, but he's cooking sausages, throwing them down to Curly! The foreman comes by so Larry has to start firing up rivets. Natcherly, Curly ends up eating one!

Here's what happens to the foreman after standing under where the Stooges were 'working.'

The boys are very creative when it comes to style, but, watch out for that pail of grease!!

It's a wild ride for Curly to be sure!.. Great shot.

Then the big boss comes by to see the progress on the building... And is nearly knocked off by a mysterious falling object from above!

When the men look up, this is the industrial nightmare they witness!! The boss wants to know how these guys got hired in the first place!

If that wasn't enough, the boss then gets a hot rivet down the back of his shirt! That's IT... Get those guys down from there and throw them out!..

When the men go for them, Curly has his faithful parachute he brought with him, and the Stooges gently float down to their truck and speed away, ready for another adventure!

And, Eegah!! will have another adventure ready to go on Wednesday, here, at The Dungeon!!..

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K said...

Oh those crazy, cockeyed steel girders! It looks like modern art! ;)

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