Saturday, April 4, 2020

KILL! - "Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!" (1971)

 Well, we all need to kill some time, so here's a Saturday Night Special that's loaded to the teeth!
It's a 1971 film called "KILL!"
This movie is insane, way too long, but has some weird moments in it that make it worth watching!

 It was released in the U.S.A. as "KILL! KILL! KILL! KILL!"
Seriously, I'm not kidding, because we all know, once just wouldn't be enough!

 "KILL" opens with James (Captain Nemo) Mason coming home to his wife, beautiful blonde Jean Seberg, and she is wearing an Afro wig and listening to a 45 of bird calls!
Jean was actually involved with the Black Panther movement in the 60's which makes it even stranger.

 In the next scene, she removes the wig, and the cuckoo clock goes off, and that pretty much sets the mood for the rest of the movie, and the rest of  Jean Seberg's short life. Jean was married to the Director and writer of this film, Romain Gary. In 1979 Jean overdosed on barbiturates at the age of 40. The following year, Romain Gary shot himself! Sometimes you just have to wonder!

 The uncredited co-star of the movie is this 1965 Plymouth Fury convertible, with third eyes or fog lamps.

 I never knew that trampolines were such a big thing in Pakistan. They even have them at the airports!

 This is the weirdest bar/club scene since "Fireball Jungle!"

 They upped the coolness quotient when they have Memphis Slim performing in the club doing a song he wrote called "Kill!"

At Halloween in Pakistan, this is the goodies the kids come home with!

 Wasn't this the cover of a Pink Floyd album?

 Finally, we're getting someplace! 

 This group of suits is just about to be part of one of the greatest dance numbers ever filmed!

 We said Dance!!!

 They all seem to be doing their own thing! These guys are doing The Loco-Motion!

 These two are doing The Twist!

 This fellow is doing The Shimmy!

 A fine example of two dudes doing The Swim!

 And last but not least is this pair doing The Mashed Potatoes!

 Time to bring in more trampolines for the ending segment!

Now it's time for each and every one of us to do our part!
Help stomp out this virus, stay home and watch stupid shit like this!
This has been a public service announcement!


AndyMinion said...

Stay safe, both of you! The world needs your talent for truffling out the strange stuff!

EEGAH!! said...

Thanks Andy! You too. Don't won't to end up like an extra in some crappy movie.

K said...

You could always be in MY crappy movie! ;)

EEGAH!! said...

That would be fun!

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