Monday, April 20, 2020

SHRIEK OF THE MUTILATED / It Walks. It Stalks. It Tears The Shriek Out Of Your Throat. - 1974

In today's fright/laugh fest, a group of college students led by their professor, go to Boot Island in New York and search for the Yeti. And wouldn't you know it, the students start to die off off, one by one. The ending's a dilly! Poster's decent.

Most of the actors only have this as their acting credit, a few of the girls had like three credits. Seems like a buncha bored, kinds actors in NY decided to make this 'what in the Hell's wrong with us' movie! The Yeti suit is hilarious, when it runs you can see the sewn on foot pads!!

Finally at their destination, the kids are having the times of their lives at the local club there, at Boot Lake. I mean, just looks at fun they're having as the jukebox plays some tunes.

Then, this drunken, belligerent jerk face, Spencer, shows up, he starts talking real loud about how he and his professor were the only survivors of a Yeti attack a year earlier, or whatever. He acts like a doofus as he tells his tale of horror, an especially bad acting job for the books... I just want him to die! And, I want to slap (hard!) each and every one of those people, including the girls, who are entertaining his moronic ramblings...

Hey, I get my wish!!.. So, Spencer and his wife leave the club and go home. He keeps drinking and ends up killing his wife with a knife, almost. Spencer jumps in the tub to relax. But, his wife, not quite dead yet, drags a toaster from the kitchen, plugs it in and pushes it into the damn water! Yay!..! High five!!

Okay, now it's time to go to the home of their teacher's friend, Dr. Werner, to start looking for the Yeti that has been spotted in the area.

The men and the kids come up with a battle plan based on a map drawn by a fifth grader.

This student, what's his name, decides to hunt for deer because of the crap food being served at Dr. Werner's place. And, he becomes victim number one...

Dr. Prell is next, he tells his tale of woe after being attacked by the creature. Then he guzzles down half a bottle of whiskey.

Guess who!.. This little dead girl gets tied to a tree to attract the Yeti for capture!

Hmmm, I wonder if there's something behind this shower curtain... Or not.

Karen is freaking out, she opens a cabinet door to find Dr. Werner's cook, Laughing Crow, apparently dead there. He suddenly gets out of his hiding place and pursues her through the house with a big butcher knife!

Then, the fakey looking Yeti shows up and gets Karen in its clutches. The mask comes off and it's none other than Dr. Werner in drag. The whole thing has been a charade by Werner and Prell all along. It's just a cover for their real activity...

The last survivor, Keith, has escaped and located a cop who goes back to Werner's house with him. There's a gathering of a number of people attending a special breakfast where Karen's being served as the main course. And, the cop is in on it too, they're all a bunch of cannibals!!

Keith tries to escape but the guests attack him with their forks! After the forking, he's taken to the table where he gets a slice of Karen.

Dude, white meat or dark meat?!.. What's really stupid is that they didn't even cook her, WTF!! There you go, whatta lame ride. Join us again on Wednesday for yet another installment of weirdness, here at The Dungeon!!..

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