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TALES OF TOMORROW / "The Dune Roller" - 1952

Here's a wild little tale from early sci-fi TV, it's all about events on Lightning Island, where, a rock collected by scientists mysteriously crashes through the front door after the pebbles combine and quickly grow in size. The men discover that the rocks consist of an unknown mineral, and could possibly be from space. But, long-time resident Cap Zanse believes it's an Ouroboros, or, hoop snake, a legendary creature which rolls with tail in mouth, and blames the mysterious extermination of local animals on the Lake Michigan isle on them...

This episode stars Bruce (CAT BALLOU) Cabot, Nancy (THAT MAN FROM TANGIER) Coleman, Nelson (MOON PILOT) Olmsted, Lee (THE ROCKET) Graham and Truman (PRETTY BOY FLOYD) Smith.

Here's old coot Cap Zanser, he's telling Sally the tale of the Dune Rollers aka Hoop Snakes or the Ouroboros. He's all animated and says that he seen them with his own two eyeballs!!

Sam Thorne and Dr. Carl Burgess are studying some strange rocks collected on Lightning Island. After two small samples are placed together and a little heat is added, well, they change into one larger rock!

After another experiment, the combined rock books out the door after burning a hole through it... Hey, great conversation piece!

So, old Cap is at home during a lightning storm and he calls the doc to tell him that there are weird lights outside his place and he's going out and see what they are...

Well, it ain't hoop snakes, I'll tell you that... Stupid old men!

The doctor and Sam come across Cap, just laying there, all dead-like!

The boys go home to tell the girls about Cap. Knowing of the danger, Jean, the doc's wife, sneaks out and goes to Cap's place! What's wrong with her brain isn't exactly clear, but, she calls her husband and says there are some strange lights outside, and, she's scared shitless!!

Back at the ranch, Jean, who needs to be tied to her chair, watches her husband make a bomb, something he thinks will destroy the energy in the rocks.

Sam takes the rocks, tosses them on the shore and blows the Hell out of them with the bomb!

They really need to keep an eye on Jean!.. Anyway, the doc and Sam are happy with the results of the explosion and claim, all clear!

But, after they leave the scene, the rocks start glowing and change into this very weird thingie that seems to be crawling around!! Kinda creepy, really!

We end with this uncredited guy telling us about how the producers of the series are really into sci-fi and love bringing it to us! So, check in on Wednesday when we continue down the old XMAS trail, here, at The Dungeon!!..


KD said...

Believe it or not, this episode (based on a story by Julian May aka Judy Dikty) was also made into a very low-budget feature film titled THE CREMATORS (1973) by writer-director Harry (OCTAMAN) Essex, who had greater success earlier in his career, as a screenwriter (IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE, CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON) at Universal. Oh, how far he fell later in his career, but he kept on trying, anyhoo. Thanks, Harry!

TABONGA! said...

Hey K - That makes sense, while I was watching it, I thought of THE MONOLITH MONSTERS because of the growing rocks. Thanks for the great comment as always...

EEGAH!! said...

The Dune Roller -

KD said...

Thanks! (I think?) ;)

KD said...

My mailman told me that he knew the late Harry Essex. I didn't know what else to say, so I blurted out "CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON!" like a fanboy, to which he replied "OCTAMAN!" That kinda stopped the conversation right there, so I chuckled, "Um yeah, OCTAMAN!"

PS: MONOLITH MONSTERS is my favorite Universal film, after CREATURE...

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