Monday, December 2, 2019

PROPHECY / Out There Is A Mindless, Merciless Creature Of Destruction. She Will Find You. - 1979

In today's depressing horror flick, a primal beast has grown to a monstrous size and is driven mad by toxic wastes from a logging company that are poisoning the waters, bringing terror and death to the Maine countryside.

This one stars Talia (THE DUNWICH HORROR) Shire, Robert (THE ASTRAL FACTOR) Foxworth, Armand (JUDGE DREDD) Assante, Richard (THE THING) Dysart, Victoria (ERNEST GOES TO CAMP) Racimo and George (NIGHTWING) Clutesi.

One of the lights in the title card is this guy here, out climbing in the mountains in the middle of the night with his buddies. Wouldn't you know it, they run into a very pissed off critter that deep sixes them all in the dark...

Love this shot, an environmental rally going on somewhere in Maine.

Here are Rob and Maggie, they are on vacation and meeting up with some friends. Dude has a chain saw and threatens an environmental activist because he won't bow to the Orange King!

Rob and Maggie want to test the water for contamination and have a big argument with Isely, head of the logging company. They finally get permission and go out to make their tests.

These friends of Rob are camping out and have turned in for the night. Then, out of nowhere, a big mass of nasty old flesh and teeth shows its ugly puss!

Okay, get ready for this... The young boy is sleeping in his zipped up bag, when, the thing eyeballs him laying there. It grabs him and whips him super hard into something solid there, shooting feathers everywhere... Yow! Monster 1 / Kid 0.

In case the creature attacks, the locals have an underground hideout that it cannot get to. At this point, it's determined that mercury poisoning was causing the deformities and madness.

This is the head village honcho who loves the land. The fire image in his sunglasses looks pretty damn cool, wouldn't you say?

Everything's going to Hell in a hand basket, Isely gets separated and the thing chases him down. Just as the guy is halfway under the gate, it grabs his legs and turns him to ground sausage!

The damn thing easily knocks their vehicle off the road!

In this beautiful scene, we see the old honcho dude getting thrashed to Be-Jesus and back!

There's still a pile of trouble to be caused by the critter. Rob only has a puny rifle to protect himself while the hulk just knocks the crap out of the cabin around him!!

Arrows definitely don't slow it down. Anyway, Rob ends up chopping it to pieces... What a ride! We're back on Wednesday with more yuletide greetings, here, at The Dungeon!!..

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