Friday, December 20, 2019

ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN / "The Evil Three" - 1953

Here's a stocking stuffer for you... In today's adventure, Perry White and Jimmy Olsen are on a fishing trip end up staying at an old rundown hotel. It has only three occupants, two men who want to kill one another and a wheelchair-bound old woman who laughs like a maniac. Superman races to help his friends before they fall victim to the crazies.

Well, here it is, the old Bayou Hotel, looks like it's seen better days!

Before Perry White and Jimmy pull up to the hotel, two men are battling it out inside. It has something to do with hidden money stashed somewhere in the joint.

Anyway, the boys are looking for a room for the night. The clerk warns them about staying but Perry says they're staying, and that's that!

So, at 9 o'clock, Perry goes out to his car and calls the office, Kent answers the phone. He tells Kent that he smells a story, and that he'll call him back in an hour with an update...

In the meantime, Jimmy is seeing and hearing weird stuff!

When Perry hears the maniacal laughter, him and Jimmy start searching around for a door, which he finally locates...

They go down into the basement only to be attacked by Macy and Col. Brand.

Well, it's 10 o'clock and Clark has not heard back from Perry, so, he heads off to the hotel. I was able to get this still capture of the spring board Superman uses to launch himself into that air. Also, it doesn't look like 10 o'clock at night!

Superman lands and has a little conversation with the coo coo Col. Brand, who tells our hero that Perry and Jimmy are not there. but, he'll take him to them...

Perry and Jimmy finally meet Elsa, she's actually the sanest member of the trio. The boys say they will help her recover the money so she shows them where it's hidden.

But, Macy shows up and pushes Elsa down the stairs in her wheel chair!

Superman has had it with Col. Brand's lies, he pushes him aside and heads back to the hotel.

In the basement, he uses his x-ray vision to see through the rocks. He finds his pals and rescues them from the death trap... YAY!!

So, the cops show up and everyone is taken away, the men in handcuffs. Check back in tomorrow where Eegah!! will have something special for us, here, at The Dungeon!!


KD said...

Saw this one recently during the Decades Channel ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN Weekend Marathon, and enjoyed it a lot! Can say the same for most of the first season episodes.

KD said...

George Reeves is THE Superman, to me. So many fun times in the '50s and '60s and even today, sitting in front of the TV watching this show! How many of us put an "S" on our chests, pinned a red towel to our collars, and went running around the neighborhood, up and down the street, or jumping out of trees!?

One of the most-beloved shows in my whole life...THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN!!!

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