Wednesday, December 4, 2019


 I was watching some of these trailers for Japanese monster movies the other night, and decided it was a good time to give you an early X-Mas present, so what I've got here are more exploitionary descriptions of what you could expect from any of these films!
Welcome to a Wild But Winsome Wednesday down in The Dungeon!
They're not all savage, but this one from the 1955 monsterpiece "Jû Jin Yuki Otoko" or "Half Human" certainly was!

 Getting a little personal there in the 1956 film "Sora No Daikaijû Rado," or as it's better known......


 The 1959 film "Uchû Sai Sensô" put the Earth in a precarious predicament!
 Poised and ready to take care of business!

 The English title was of course, "Battle In Outer Space!"

 In 1959 they came out with double feature that doubled as a double shocker!

One of the films was the French movie "Les Yeux Sans Visage," also known as "Eyes Without A Face!"

The second half of this terrifying double feature was "The Manster!"

There wasn't much left after this 1961 film called "Sekai Daisensô," or "The Last War!"
Alles ist Kaput!

Also in 1961, even though the world had been destroyed, there was still time for the spectacle that was known as "Mosura" or "Mothra."

And because being different just wasn't enough, this is what we got in 1962 from "Yôsei Gorasu" also known as "Gorath."

I guess it could, at least for a little while, but there's still plenty of time for this scenario!
These two are also from "Gorath."

I don't think the world was quite ready for the 9th Wonder in 1963, but the makers of "Kaitei Gunkan" or "Atragon," had a different idea!

Still in 1963, things got even scarier in "Matango," or as it is better known, "Attack Of The Mushroom People!"

In 19 and 65, the thrills and horror got even stranger in "Furankenshutain Tai Chitei Kaijû Baragon," or "Frankenstein Conquers The World!" It's hard to imagine there was much even left of the world at this point!

In 1966, we were subjected to the masterful suspense of yet another Furankenshutain!

Starring Tom Thumb himself, Russ Tamblyn, and the movie with one of the worst songs in recorded history, "Furankenshutain No Kaijû: Sanda Tai Gaira or "The War OfThe Gargantuas" was anything but "Filmed in absolute realism!"

I hope you can swim if you watch the 1967 flick "Kingu Kongu No Gyakushû," that is "King Kong Escapes!"

Last, but not least, also from 1967, is "Uchû Daikaijû Girara," aka
"The X From Outer Space!"

This last one from "The X From Outer Space" probably gives the most simple and yet best advice!
Just go watch the damn thing!


KD said...

We (my dad, one of my cousins, and moi) used to see these kind of trailers (and the movies from whence they came) dang near every weekend, at either a kiddie matinee or at the drive-in. It seems to me that the most common movies we saw at those 1960s picture shows consisted of either big Japanese monsters, or human-sized British ghouls. So it was often a Toho and/or Hammer slate...

EEGAH!! said...

Toho or Hammer, can't hardly go wrong there!

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