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DAS RASTHAUS DER GRAUSAMEN PUPPEN - "Inn Of The Gruesome Dolls" (1967)

 If there is such a thing as an Über-clusterfuck, then this Saturday Night Special is one of the leader's in it's class!

  Auf Deutsch es ist "Das Rasthaus Der Grausamen Puppen," or as you see it translated here, "The Roadhouse Of The Violent Dolls," aka "The Inn Of Gruesome Dolls," and it was even released as "The Devil's Girls" at one point.

The basic story line is pretty simple! It's about a Bonnie and Clyde type botched robbery! It's after this that it gets out of control!

 The Bonnie in question is Essy Persson as Betty Williams, a woman caught up in a world she didn't create. Her boyfriend just ran over a cop, crashed the car, and took off running, leaving Betty behind to take the rap! The big problem is that despite it all, she still loves him!

 Betty gets sentenced to ten years in the Pen, when all she was doing was waiting in the car for her boyfriend!

 The seductive Ellen (The Invisible Terror, The Brain) Schwiers is the Superintendent at the prison with the unfortunate name of Francis Nipple.

 Superintendent Nipple has Betty Williams brought to her room for some fun and games, but Betty doesn't swing that way, and ends up shanking her instead!
Betty's whole life just took an even bigger turn for the würst!

 Betty now has to escape, and a handful of other girls go with her!

 Karin (Night Of The Vampires, Web Of The Spider, The Demons) Field has the role of the hot sexpot!! The rest of the girls are Dominique (The Unnaturals, Argoman) Boschero as Sylvia, Gabriella (Transplant, Seven Blood-Stained Orchids) Giorgelli as Esther, and Helga (Murderers Club Of Brooklyn) Anders as the innocent one, Linda.

Still not realizing what a scumbag he is, Betty tracks down her former flame who is totally aghast to see her. She is now going to proceed to totally destroy his life with her undying love.
Erik Schumann is big loser Bob Fishman. Erik was very popular in Germany during the 50's and 60's but barely even heard of in the U.S.

As I watched "Das Rasthaus Der Grausamen Puppen," I couldn't help but think about another German film with a bunch of half dressed women running around in it, "Ein Toter Hing Im Netz," better known as "The Horrors Of Spider Island."

Betty's got more problems than drinking too much wine will fix!

Bob Fishman is such a horndog, that even after telling Betty he loves her, he's caught in the sack with one of the girls in just a few hours after they first meet!

Bob apologizes and they go to bed to make up, but for some reason, Betty just cannot get into the mood! Go figure! At this point, she's already killed two or three people to get to this lovely place in her life!

Besides all the wanton tragedy, there are also a few scenes of comedy relief, as they try and hide all the dead bodies!

Essy Ingeborg Vilhelmina Persson was born in Sweden. In the 1980's she quit acting and went to art school, and became a visual artist! Essy had a very distinctive look, and is well known for her work as Siv in "I, A Woman," and "Cry Of The Banshee" with Vincent Price.

One year later after "Das Rasthaus Der Grausamen Puppen," was made, Essy was Thora in "Mission Stardust."
What a difference a year makes!!

That is a real good question! By this point, besides Inspector Nipple, Betty has shot the old Funeral Director who was nice enough to give them a lift, and she's shot the innkeeper who was nice enough to let them stay, and the local gossip fell out of a second story window, trying to get away from her.

And this guy, who has been in the middle of the whole mess, and not noticed a thing is a real fine example of how this film rolls!

 That was the big problem throughout the whole thing. Nobody really cared that the girls were escaped convicts, and everybody tried to help them, but they end up killing them all anyway!
This guy got lucky, and it's only a flesh wound!

Betty never gets it right from start to finish. The only time she was innocent was at the beginning of the film, but it's never too late. Eventually, Bob Fishman and her will spend eternity together.....
in Hell!


KD said...

Oh, this one looks like fun!

EEGAH!! said...

It's a pretty wild ride!

Randall Landers said...

LOL The unfortunately named Superintendent Nipple has me looking for it on the Internet.

EEGAH!! said...

Merry X-Mas Randall! I guess I don't have your current email address anymore. I tried to send you the link, but it came back!

KD said...

The Dungeon's MISSION STARDUST entry:

What a cool old Euro-sci-fi film! Nice sets, effects, and of course, the best effect of all, Essy Persson!!

EEGAH!! said...

Thanks KD. I went back to look at it again. It looked like that's one we really need to do again with more and better pictures.

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