Saturday, December 28, 2019

LADY JAMES BOND - "The Kind You'd Like To Flaunt" (1980)

 Tonight's almost end of  the year Saturday Night Special is a little extra special.
It's titled "Lady James Bond" and is a Telugu movie made in 1980.

 "Lady James Bond" is 2 hours and 17 minutes long, and my copy is not in English!

 Just to prove it 's legit!

 On IMDB, the only credits are for the star whose name was Silk Smitha. Silk Smitha was a super popular actress in India in the 1980's. IMDB says she has 173 acting credits while Wikipedia says she was in over 450 films. All they really know was that she tragically died at the age of 35 from an apparent suicide.

 When she's not busy kicking bad guy's butts or being tied to train tracks................

 ............"Lady James Bond" is a dancing machine!

As far as I'm concerned, the best parts of the film are the insanely choreographed song and dance numbers, or maybe it's that they were the only scenes that I almost understood!

I said almost!
The concept of a "Lady James Bond" has been very popular in India over the years with the same exact title being used in 1972, 2003, and even in 2019.

To describe a dance number like this is really something that I can't put into words, but the good news is that this krazy movie is all over YouTube either as the whole movie, or some excerpts like this one, so you can figure it out on your own for free!
I hope you're inebriated otherwise this probably won't make much sense! So, just sit back and bask in a bit of that which is known as "Lady James Bond!"

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