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CONCERTO PER PISTOLA SOLISTA - "The Weekend Murders" (1970)

 12-12, last full moon of the decade, 12-13, Friday the 13th, 12-14.....
"The Weekend Murders!"

 This is gonna be some fun holiday! 
An estranged family is forced together for the reading of a will, and then people start getting killed!

This movie has balls!

  The original title is "Concerto Per Pistola Solista," or auf Englisch, 
"Concert For Solo Gun." I gotta think about that one, but actually, "The Weekend Murders" is an equally non-descriptive and stupid title for such a good movie! 
 "The Weekend Murders" is a very Agatha Christie style story in a "Ten Little Indians" kind of way, and I like this method of reconstructing the characters!

So here you go, Ballard Berkeley is the butler and also the first victim!
Ballard made a nice living playing Lords, Colonels, Doctors, Inspectors, and Butlers etc. for 60 years!

 Robert (Hole In The Forehead, Cut-Throats Nine, Mean Frank and Crazy Tony) Hundar as the Valet, is the always under suspicion guy they cut to every time something bad happens! 

 Richard Caldicot as the Lawyer who reads the will has 180 acting credits, including "Clue Of The Twisted Candle," "The Beverly Hillbillies," and "Catweazle!"

 Franco (Play The Game Or Leave The Bed) Borelli is "The Stranger!"
He gets screwed big time!!

Harry also had small parts in "Casino Royale," and "A Clockwork Orange!"
Note that they misspelled Gardener!

 Orchidea (Love Angels, Lady Dynamite) De Santis is the very sexy maid!

 Quinto (The Monsters) Parmeggiana has one of the least memorable roles!

 Beryl (Voodoo Blood Death) has the role of Pauline, the newest and least welcome family member.

 Giacomo (The Last Man On Earth, War Between The Planets) Rossi Stuart is at the top of the list of suspects.

 Eveline (War of the Zombies, Maniac Mansion) Stewart is Isabelle, the intended sole inheritor of the estate!

 American actor Peter Baldwin was in "I Married A Monster From Outer Space," and "The Outer Limits" episode titled "Specimen: Unknown." He stopped acting shortly after this film and went on to direct over 100 movies and TV programs.

 Marisa (Rabid Dogs) Fabbri is Aunt Gladys, a seriously bitchy woman with a very unhealthy relationship with her son!

 Georgie is one sick puppy!
 Christopher Chittel has since been on the British soap opera "Emmerdale" from 1986 to the present day as Eric Pollard. In what has got to be some kind of record, that's 1,704 appearances on the same show!

 American actress Anna Moffo had a much larger career as an opera singer than an actress!
Here she is Barbara Worth, and she is worth a lot, being the sole recipient of the fortune of the dead man, even though she was only his niece!

 I don't know why these guys had to split a credit, between the two of them, they spend more time on camera than any of the suspects!
Lance Percival did the voices of both Paul and Ringo in the 1960's cartoons about The Beatles!
Gastone Moschin has the role of the dim-witted police officer who is actually the star of the show!

 I'd say Director Michele Lupo must have a good sense of humor to use this still during the credits for his name!

This poster is one of the worst depictions of a movie I've ever seen.
"The Weekend Murders" could be a Disney Giallo movie, except there's one very brief topless shot, and a couple of murders, other than that, by today's standards, it's a family movie!

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