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ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND / Made In Wonderland, The Most Magical Musical Of All - 1972

Here's one from those crazy Brits! In this classic story by Lewis Carroll, Alice (Fiona Fullerton) falls down a rabbit hole and ends up in a magical dream world populated by surreal characters and bewildering adventures. As Alice searches for a way out of Wonderland, she encounters creatures such as the White Rabbit (Michael Crawford), the March Hare (Peter Sellers), the Queen of Hearts (Flora Robson), and the Dormouse (Dudley Moore). It includes many musical interludes sung by Alice and the other characters, natcherly.

On a picnic, Alice dozes off after eating. She drifts off into dreamland, where...

She falls down the proverbial Rabbit Hole, and goes down... Down... Down...

Alice goes through her 'too big'-'too small' routine. I like the part where she bumps her head on the ceiling as she attains her maximum height.

After extracting herself out of the rooms, the first character she meets is the hookah smoking Caterpillar played by Ralph Richardson. After a futile conversation with the worm, it slithers off into the woods.

Then, she meets the goofy Tweedledum (Fred Cox) and Tweedledee (Frank Cox), they sing a song of course. Because, well, they have an important message to get out to whomever will giv'em a listen!

Here are the March Hare and the Mad Hatter, Peter Sellers plays the Hare, Robert Helpmann plays the Hatter!

Alice spends some time at the Queen's palace. There are lots of fun things going on, like this wild croquet game where the cards are the wickets.

Lettuce not forget the Cheshire Cat played by Roy Kinnear. After awhile, the cat gets bored and disappears as mysteriously as he appeared.

Here's the Mock Turtle all in yet another quandary, he's played by Michael Hordern.

Love the makeup for the Gryphon, Spike Milligan plays the wild looking bird

Anyway, Alice goes on trial for being too big and out of place, the White Rabbit is the MC.

Alice has to defend herself against the allegations, but...

She is attacked by the others at the event, everything gets insane as Alice fights against the barrage of kookie characters!

Then of course, Alice wakes up from her slumber, only to tell her friends all about the adventures she had while in Wonderland!.. So, tune in tomorrow when Eegah!! will try and fulfill his weekly Dungeon Duties!

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Randall Landers said...

Interesting movie, but I'm ashamed to admit that my favorite version of Alice in Wonderland is the porno one. It's far less pretentious and far more charming than most serious adaptations.

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