Monday, March 18, 2019

TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE / The Satanic Piano - 1985

Today's little story goes like this... A struggling composer, Pete Bancroft, is contacted by the very strange Wilson Farber, who has invented a synthesizer that can read minds and may be able to help Bancroft in his career... Well, maybe yes, maybe no!

It stars Michael (CLEOPATRA JONES) Warren as Pete Bancroft, Lisa (married/divorced Lenny Kravitz) Bonet as Justine Bancroft, Philip (CATCH 22) Roth as Wilson Farber and Felice (BULLITT) Orlandi as Tony...

Here's Pete Bancroft, composer, he's in a slump and is poised to lose his fortune as a result...

Then, he gets a mysterious call from a Wilson Farber, he tells Pete he has a musical instrument that will solve all his financial and credibility problems!.. What the Hell?!

But, after Farber hangs up, he reveals a dirty little secret about the magical instrument.

Pete agrees to meet with Farber, the inventor lays out a deal that Pete cannot resist, he can use it at no cost, it's simply a gift to help him reach his full potential. The trick is, the machine will play whatever his mind can conceive, a true magical instrument, all he has to do is think!

Well, Pete loves it, he effortlessly composes music in his mind... A weird looking thing.

But, wouldn't you know it?!.. Farber has taken the instrument back along with Pete's daughter, Justine! Farber thinks her mind music is superior to dad's. Problem is, the instrument sucks the life force out of its victim, and, they die!

Pete tries to stop the maniac but Farber's stronger than he looks!

Not sure how to stop the transference, Pete punches the screen (VIRUS MAN), and when he pulls it out of the thing, it's all bloody and stripped of flesh... In other words, it really hoits!

Farber's working his magic, until...

Pete grabs Justine as Farber's machine goes haywire and 'splodes in his face!

And, who knows why, but, Pete's, I guess, real hand, is stuck in the freakin' machine!.. Whatever... Okay, we're back on Wednesday with a hump day post just for you!..

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