Monday, March 11, 2019


Here's an eighties Euro horror flick that goes like this... A young doctor visits the secluded home of his ailing mentor, Eric Usher, who believes the house itself is alive and plotting to drive him insane, manifesting itself through ghostly apparitions!

You can see another alternate title here. Anyway, it stars Dungeon great, Howard Vernon, in one of his 193 acting credits. There are also Antonio (MACUMBA SEXUAL) Mayans, Lina (SEX IS CRAZY) Romay, Fata (only acting credit) Morgana, Ana (only acting credit) Galán and Antonio (only acting credit) Marín... Wow, unbelievable!

By the way, this is a very weak production from the Euro guys, stale, no nudity.

Here's our young doctor as he approaches the Usher castle, he's there to help out Eric Usher in his research. What he doesn't know yet will blow his mind!

Check it out, here's Morpho in his old age, he appeared in a sixties Orloff flick. Here, he tends to Usher's daughter Melissa, who died many years ago, but now can be reanimated using the blood of prostitutes!

Here's Eric wandering around in his castle... He's coo-coo you know!..

Dr. Harker goes to this insane room to have a little talk with Eric, using a handy flashback.

We get to see young Morpho commit the murder of a beautiful woman that screams a lot...

Wait!.. I'm not done... Then...

Well, I guess, back to the flashback!.. Eric and Morpho dig up a body from the graveyard and take it to the lab for inspection. Wow, she looks pretty good for being, like, dead!

Just wanted to show Howard in this classic villain shot, nice!

You know, you're a Weirdo!..

It freakin' amazes me at all the fantastic locations Euro guys have access to, they can't lose as long as they're doing some kind of Gothic style production.

Well anyway, the ghosts of some of the prostitutes attack Eric, and...

The damn castle caves in on itself, killing everyone inside except Dr. Harker, who rides away on his trusty steed! So, we'll be back on Wednesday with who the Hell knows what, til then, yo!

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