Friday, March 22, 2019

THE ALIEN / Bob Burns: Monster Kid Home Movies - 1952

Bob Burns is an interesting guy, he's also a world renown archivist and historian of props, costumes, and other paraphernalia from some of the greatest, and not that great, science fiction, fantasy, and horror motion pictures. He was a friend of Forry Ackerman and hung out with Paul Blaisdell, who can say that?

I just picked up a DVD called MONSTER KID HOME MOVIES with 30 shorts from the fifties to the eighties, pretty cool. Of course, the movie Eegah!! and I made in I think 1963, DR. HEKYLL AND MR. JYDE, was lost after I left it at my old girl friend's house!.. Figures!

Bob was 17 years old at the time, he seems to have had some help with the titles cards and locations. We start our story at Lerco, where, Dr. Ecks (pretty funny) is working in his lab...

Here's the doc, contemplating how to transport things from one place to another. He plays around with the vacuum tubes and gives it a try...

He'll start with a simple ladder, and, viola!.. I find that candy cane dealie interesting!

It's worth another try, this time though, he'll try to receive something!..

Well, what do you know?.. He transported a freakin' Alien!! The Alien shows the doc some of his tricks, like making letters appear on a chalkboard without touching it. Dr. Ecks decides to give him a make over so he can go outside to see the city...

The Alien looks like a real cool cat now (not really) and is ready to go out and play some fun tricks on the unsuspecting citizens!

After the Alien unlocks this forgetful dude's door and puts his car in the garage for him using hand gestures, the guy just wants to go back in his house and try to forget what just happened.

Later, the Alien figures out how to use a water fountain to get a drink... All by himself!

Then, he plays a trick on a mom by transporting her daughter from the swing to sitting at the top of some monkey bars!

Ho hum... Time for this one to transport home!..

And, before we know it, the Alien goes Poof and is gone forever... WTF!!

Also, all of Dr' Ecks; notes have been erased from his notebook and he has to start all over again!.. Tricky Alien! We're back tomorrow with more Dungeon Cargo, just for you!

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