Wednesday, September 19, 2018

FEATHER YOUR NEST - "Count Your Chickens" (1944)

 This week's Wacky Wednesday feature is a 17 minute short from 1944 called "Feather Your Nest!"

 It's a funny little story about a guy named Edgar who has his in-laws living with him and his wife, and he's about ready to do anything to get rid of his obnoxious brother-in-law....

 .......Including loaning him $250.00 so he can buy a wedding ring, because if he gets married, he should be moving out!

 Edgar gets the ring, and the brother-in-law pops the question!

Everything was fine up to that point, but Edgar just got a call from the jewelry store saying that the rings he was looking at got mixed up, and he got the $2000.00 one, not the $175.00 one, and he has to return it ASAP or they're going to charge him for the balance!

 Edgar is desperate to get the ring back, but now it's stuck on her finger! Time to get out the soapy water!

 When that doesn't work, Edgar's wife does what everybody thinks is hilarious these days, she drugs her with about 10 sleeping pills!

 The ring is finally removed from the finger, but after a series of minor events it ends up in the back yard where this white leghorn chicken sees it, and decides to eat it!

 No big deal! Edgar has got this under control!

 But the chicken jumps over the fence and joins it's chicken mates, and now Edgar can't tell it from the other 74 birds!

 The owner of the chickens isn't real happy about all this, so Edgar offers to buy the chickens one by one, until he finds the one with the ring. He pays the guy one dollar for each chick, inspects it's gullet, and throws it over the fence back into his yard!

 To "Feather one's own nest" means to make money illicitly and at someone else's expense, and that's exactly what the owner of these chickens is doing. After Edgar buys one, and inspects it, and throws it over the fence, this guy is letting them back in again! Like poor Edgar doesn't already have enough problems!

"Feather Your Nest" is basically just a long cartoon! It doesn't take much imagination to think of Edgar as the dumb dog, and the owner of the chickens as Foghorn Leghorn!

From 1911 to 1948, Edgar Kennedy was in 446 films, most of them shorts!
Florence Lake was a 'cave woman' in the Superman episode called "Through The Time Barrier."
Dot Farley was in 370 films and shorts dating back to 1910 with titles like "Dr. Pyckle and Mr. Pryde," and "Mac's Beth." 
Jack Rice - "From Bowery to Broadway" to "Blondie" and "Boston Blackie."
Emory Parnell was in "The Andromeda Strain" in 1971.
Maxin Semon was in an episode of "The Addams Family."
Lee Trent was a hairstylist on 11 episodes of "Fraggle Rock."
Bryant Washburn had 380 acting credits!

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