Friday, September 14, 2018

ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN: The Runaway Robot - Season 1 Episode 17 - 1953

Here's a classic episode from the great TV series that all us kids watched the Hell out of back in the fifties. The story's about the inventor of a robot who's kidnapped by burglars that intend to use his robot for robberies. Meanwhile, the police are looking for the inventor, they believe he's responsible for the crimes, and Clark and his pals are out to clear his name.

Besides the gang, this episode features two actors we always enjoy seeing. First is Russell (IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE, THE SPACE CHILDREN) Johnson as Chopper and Robert (THE GIANT SPIDER INVASION, NEEDFUL THINGS) Easton as Marvin, the inventor's assistant.

It all starts with a robbery at a jewelry store, from out of nowhere a robot enters scene and chases the robbers away.

Professor Hinkle is out testing his new robot, but the damn thing goes haywire!..

It's stepping on the jewelry and then is seemingly ready to stomp on the head of the owner. The Professor runs over and pushes the off button before any damage is done.

The police throw the Professor in a jail cell, thinking he was behind the robbery. But Clark and the gang show up and get their friend released.

In the meantime though, Chopper's men have gone back to the shop and taken the robot to their hideout. They have figured out that they can use the hunk of metal to do the robberies for them... What else?

Jimmy's keeping an eye on the Professor, but when the phone rings, the Professor gets a call from Chopper to meet him at the hideout. The Professor uses some sleeping gas on Jimmy and leaves to go see his robot.

He's thrown into a small room with the robot to keep him from causing any trouble. The Professor opens a small panel on the back of the robot and calls his assistant on a special radio receiver...

Here's Marvin, he's a little slow but gets the message to contact someone at the Daily Planet.

Of course, Lois takes the call and shows up at the hideout by herself. She screams her head off and Rocco grabs his handy hammer to shut her up!.. Seriously, WTF!! That's pretty damn gruesome for a kid to see, jeez!

Then, there's this shot of our hero flying through the air... Check it out! Side shots had George laying on his stomach on a board, he looks like he has skinny little legs and a flat, square chest, funny as Hell.

The Professor has his robot steal a pile of money out of a vault for Chopper, but then, on the way back to the hideout, he has the thing set off some fire alarms to distract the crooks.

Mousey sics the robot on Lois, who keeps screaming, but Superman shows up to prevent the metal menace from its task!

The robot swings away at Supe and rattles itself into pieces, bringing this wild episode to a happy conclusion.

And, we get a laff at the end when Inspector Henderson bends over and gets a tail full o' fire! Hey you!, Yeah, you, check in tomorrow when Eegah!! tries to give us something special for a Saturday, here, at The Dungeon...

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Lacey said...

Season One WAS pretty "adult" for a children's show.
It featured Superman taking bad guys to the top of a mountain to keep them quiet and they fall off & die.

The show was made, but like Gilligan's Island, nobody ever thought it would be shown, let alone become an icon.

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