Wednesday, September 5, 2018

THE MASK OF DIIJON - Erich Von Stroheim (1946)

Tonight's Blue Plate Special is a mixture of brown mustard seeds, wine, vinegar, water, and salt, and is quite delectable, or tasty if you want to be crass about it!

"The Mask Of Diijon" is an unsavory story from 1946! The tragedy only adds piquancy to the tale! Don't you just love those eyes?

This is almost a solo serving of Erich Von Stroheim, and what a briny guy he is! As master magician and hypnotist Diijon, he's going to find himself in a real pickle! A couple of times in this movie, he almost smiles!

Want to start off your movie with a little excitement? How about this antique French food chopper?

Pesto-Change-o! It was only a trick, with no fake ketchup blood needed!

This dude looks like he's holding Lord Litter's buddy Mr. Skull in his hand, but it's just a magic prop that came from the Thousand Islands!

Diijon's honey Victoria is played by Jeanne Bates who worked until 2002, and had a very cool career that included parts in "Return of the Vampire," "The Phantom," "The Soul of a Monster," "Back From The Dead," and "Erasehead!" She was also in the "Twilight Zone" episode called "It's a Good Life."

William (Daughter of the Jungle) Wright is Tony, the leader of a Pickled Walnuts and Mushy Peas band that Victoria sings with! William succumbed to cancer at the young age of 38!

I'll just say that Diijon has got some serious problems! He's angry, jealous, possessive, and just not very nice in general, and can be a real sauerkraut of a guy!

Diijon is pretty salty most of the time, but he does show he has at least a little bit of a heart when this two-bit crook tries to rob a local small cafe and he disarms him with his hypnotic powers!

Mean Mr. Mustard reads a mental cookbook!  He is stirring up all kinds of trouble, and is now in the process of hypnotizing people he doesn't like, and making them do horrible things like killing themselves!

Maybe this platter was "Stone Cold Dead In The Market," or another one of these popular tunes from 1946, "The Coffee Song," "Ole Buttermilk Sky," or "Shoo Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy."

Diijon can't relish the fact that he's losing his wife!

So, he mesmerizes her and turns her into a vegetable, and then makes her try and shoot Tony!

In the end, this cat that is full of piss and vinegar will have a major role in Diijon's destiny!
Is this a great shot, or what?

This was really a picture from the inside not the outside, but I flipped it so you could read it without using a menu or a mirror!

"The Mask Of Diijon" is a spicy little film that's just a little over an hour long, so it's pretty easy to consume, and to make it even easier for you to digest, there's a pretty decent version you can watch on YouTube, and you won't even have to leave a tip!

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