Friday, February 24, 2017

LA MUJER y LA BESTIA / Brooks y Enríquez - 1959

Here's a lesser known black and white Mexican horror flick called THE WOMAN AND THE BEAST, I cannot find a review in English, but, I think I gots it all figured out...

The story centers around a train station in the city. A woman known as La Vicky shows up one evening at the bar there, she's very beautiful and a little mysterious...

Well, she makes friends with our hero and moves in with him. But, she spends much of her time just being weird when no one's around!

The other part of the story is nurse Laura Moreno, she works in the hospital and takes care of the sick, like this little girl with a strange illness.

Then, the nurse finds herself with blood on her hands... What the Hell's going on?!!

Well, it turns out that Laura Moreno and La Vicky are the same person!! That's right, she has escaped from a mental hospital and has a freakin' split personality!..

Time for a little break so we can check out this great looking classic 1954 Mercury!

I also dig this pic of a train yard worker hopping over a wall on his way to work.

He's a target of the crazy lady from the mental hospital, he lucks out when La Vicky's shrink shows up and stops her from yet another murder!

The locals get all up in arms and set out to capture her before she kills again!

La Vicky is disoriented as she runs toward the oncoming train...

And, it's another sad ending, she had to die! Be back tomorrow when Eegah!! will have something pretty special for us, here at the DUNGEON!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

DEPARTMENT S - Season 01, Episode 01 - "6 Days" (1969)

Tonight's Way-Out Wednesday Feature is from the 1969 British TV series called "Department S!"

 "Department S" was on the air for two years, and Peter Wyngarde's character Jason King was popular enough to have his own "Jason King" spinoff show for another two seasons after "Department S" went off the air!

 Joel Fabiani has the same birthday as me, Spetember 28, and among other interesting things, he was married to Katherine (Stepford Wives) Ross for two years in the early 60's! Joel wasn't British! He was born in California, and after "Department S" he returned to America and has acted on TV for many, many years!

The third member of this team is Rosemary Nicols as the adorable Annabelle Hurst!
It's interesting how many different roles Rosemary has had with names that are different variations on Ann like: Ann, Anne, Diana, Annabelle, Anna, and Angela, and the name of a TV show where her name was Sheila was called "The Animal Hotel!"

"6 Days" was the first episode of the first season of "Department S."

 It's called "6 Days" because a routine flight from Karachi to London which should have only taken a couple of hours has taken six days, and nobody on board realizes how much time has passed for some reason! Seems like it's going to be a "Twilight Zone" episode, but it's not!

 As far as the passengers are concerned, they just had a nice nap!!

 How would you like to land only to read this headline about yourself?

 Now for a word from our sponsor!!

 Well, that's odd, all the passengers and crew now have a strange bruise on their arms!

Jobs like this deserve special attention! Time to call out the top guns, 
"Department S!"

 I don't think that's a real plane, but I think it's a cool shot!

 You've got this kind of action going on from both sides!

 Annabelle gets busted snooping around in this weirdo's room, so she uses this interesting ruse to get herself out of it! She puts on a blonde wig and strips down to her undies, and pretends to be a girlfriend/hooker as it were, and waltzes on out of the building!

"Department S" is a fascinating show that Lord Litter turned me on to, and then, he even went one better, and found this episode on YouTube, so you can watch it too ! Enjoy!
Now I'm just waiting to find some "Jason King" episodes somewhere that don't cost a small fortune!!

The composer of the music for "Department S" was the Maestro Edwin Astley, who we've mentioned here many times for all his tremendous scores for scores of movies we dig, like "Womaneater," "Devil Girl From Mars," the 1962 version of "Phantom Of The Opera," "The Giant Behemoth," etc. etc.
Edwin's work on "Department S" swings, and here's a short sequence from the ending credits to give you the idea!
I really need to get myself a copy of this soundtrack! 
I'll bet it's delicious!

Monday, February 20, 2017

SPACE: 1999 - 'Space Brain' / Season 1 Episode 21 - 1976

Here we go with another week at The Dungeon. This time we'll take a look at this episode from that great TV series back in the day. The story goes... Alien gyphs appear on all of Alpha's screens, so, Commander Koenig sends an Eagle to investigate. The Eagle is lost and the pilot's mind is taken over by a huge alien Space Brain, using him as a channel to make the Alphans do its bidding.

When an Eagle goes out to investigate a disturbance near their Moon Base, it encounters a giant Space Brain! Then, the Eagle is covered by some weird foam and crashes back on the Moon Base.

Professor Bergman scans a strange fragment found at the crash site for clues as to what it is.

Here's the pilot whose mind has been taken over by the Brain, he ends up causing lots of problems until he's stunned while trying to reprogram the main computer!

I wonder if the message is clear enough here?!

Here are Koenig and Bergman inspecting the alien foam sample they have, shades of CALTIKI and SPACE MASTER X-7...

Commander Koenig tries to use an Eagle to stop the foam invasion, but, ends up crashing his ship into the Moon dust!

The Space Brain closes in on Moon Base Alpha as the Alphans prepare for the foam invasion.

As the Brain gets close, all Hell breaks loose and the rooms are filled with the foam that looks a lot like laundry detergent!

Okay, wow, who has the number for the Maytag Service Man?!!

It looks like the Alphans are losing their battle with the bubbles, until...

The Space Brain finally passes by the Moon, and...

The foam starts disappearing and everyone gives a big sigh of relief, phew! There you go, now, check in again Wednesday for more, from... The Dungeon!!

Monster Music

Monster Music
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