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Here's a list of all the Earth Invaders in the Movies from the Fifties. It turned out to be a pile of work, but, worth it. So, sit back and enjoy all the ugly!!

We start in 1951 with THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL, good old Gort was a mighty war machine besides being Klaatu's super helper. Here, he plays doctor.

THE MAN FROM PLANET X from 1951 was an odd looking little dude. He wasn't exactly threatening but had a strange weapon to spook everyone.

James Arness was an awesome sight in THE THING in 1951, the super carrot could even grow back damaged body parts and he caused a lot of terror there in the Arctic.

In 1953, INVADERS FROM MARS came to Earth. No matter how you look at it, this is one freaky shot of the Martian Mutants inside their giant saucer. They would make me run like Hell...

The Xenomorphs in IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE from 1953 were terrifying creatures for the kiddies, especially if you were able to see it in 3-D when it came out!

PHANTOM FROM SPACE also came here in 1953, he's an interesting looking guy when he's visible and not wearing his weird space suit...

Here's Rush transmitting thoughts to his followers! Or, this could be the ROBOT MONSTER from 1953 bringing on the terror for what's left of Earth's population.

The Martians in THE WAR OF THE WORLDS from 1953 were some of the most unique monsters from the fifties. It was quite a scare when you get to see one in the farmhouse!

Here's a great publicity still of DEVIL GIRL FROM MARS from 1954, that's one wild looking uniform she's wearing, posed there in front of her saucer, holding her deadly weapon!

KILLERS FROM SPACE came here in 1954 to enslave the world and unleash their giant insects to eat us all. I love those ping pong eyeballs Harry Thomas came up with!!

Robots from Venus are here in TARGET EARTH from 1954, it still bugs me that the hulks had giant pincher claws in the poster but only have small little pinchers on screen!

Here's Paul Blaisdell's great little puppet monster in BEAST WITH A MILLION EYES from 1955, definitely the 'beast' part of this crazy flick!

Also from 1955 came THE QUATERMASS XPERIMENT, a great British film with a monster that became part of every plant or animal it came in contact with, freaking weird stuff!

This creepy Martian without a helmet from EARTH vs. THE FLYING SAUCERS in 1956 was a 'Hidden Horror' in an early issue of FAMOUS MONSTERS!

This scene of the forming alien transplant from INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS in 1956 scared the crap out of me when I saw it at the theater at the time, really!!

IT CONQUERED THE WORLD came from Venus in 1956 to enslave the Earth. Another classic creature design from the mind of Paul Blaisdell...

Ray Harryhausen gave us the giant Ymir from Venus in 20 MILLION MILES TO EARTH in 1957. Ray came up with a pile of classic creatures in the Fifties!

Also in 1957, THE ASTOUNDING SHE-MONSTER had this shapely female invader, if she touched you, well, you just die of radiation poisoning!

I still love to watch THE BRAIN FROM PLANET AROUS from 1957, when I saw it at the time I thought it was a fun scare even if it was a little hokey at times.

Also in 1957, this big old vulture from outer space came to Earth in THE GIANT CLAW. The producers were ready to kill themselves after they watched the screening of the final product!

More classic designs from Paul Blaisdell in INVASION OF THE SAUCER-MEN from 1957. These may be the most iconic BEMs from the Fifties!!

KRONOS crashed into the ocean on Earth in 1957, on land, it was a terror from Hell as it trucks across the countryside seeking energy to absorb!

My dad took me to see THE MONOLITH MONSTERS in 1957, a terrifying flick with rocks from space that grew like crazy when they came in contact with water, and, turned people into stone when they came in contact with the fumes!

We get this wild looking giant Japanese robot in THE MYSTERIANS from 1957, it terrified the Earthlings as it lumbered through the countryside!

Also in 1957, Paul Blaisdell came up with this creepy flying Umbrella Monster in NOT OF THIS EARTH! I totally remember seeing this flick at the theater, loved it a lot!

In ENEMY FROM SPACE from 1957, Quatermass is back to deal with these giant blobs from the Moon, here to take over the world by brute force!

When I saw ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT WOMAN in 1958, I thought the giant dude from space looked kinda stupid with his gladiator gear and all, what the Hell!!

In THE BLOB from 1958, a meteorite comes to Earth with a deadly cargo inside! I swear, this movie gave me nightmares for years after seeing it in 1958 when I was only 10 years old!!

More great creatures appeared in I MARRIED A MONSTER FROM OUTER SPACE from 1958, truly freaky looking things to thrill the kids!

 When I saw THE FLAME BARRIER in 1958 it creeped me out but good! This title is a little hard to find, it's all about a multiplying blob that catches a ride back to Earth on a satellite and ends up in a jungle cave. Love this one!!

NIGHT OF THE BLOOD BEAST from 1958 had these little ALIEN style baby critters inside poor Michael Emmet after he's impregnated by The Beast... Weird!

In THE SPACE CHILDREN from 1958, this space blob comes to Earth to prevent the military from testing their deadly rockets! Saw this one at the time too.

Here's a creepy scene from SPACE MASTER X-7 from 1958, never noticed that hand in the blob before, my copy of the movie is fairly blurry.

Love THE CRAWLING EYE from 1958, the creatures are extra creepy! Just watched this flick again a few days ago.

THE ATOMIC SUBMARINE from 1959 is one of my favorite movies, everything about it is great, including the cyclops monster's lair!

The INVISIBLE INVADERS from 1959 were creatures reused from IT! THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE that inhabit human bodies to conquer the world. They were exposed when our heroes construct a sonic sound gun.

Eddie made the cut with PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE from 1959, big ol' Tor and Vampira get reanimated by our space pals to keep nosy humans away from their saucer near the cemetery.

In TERROR IN THE MIDNIGHT SUN from 1959, the aliens release this huge furry monster to cause a pile of trouble as it roams through the snowy landscape.

We will end with TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE from 1959, This flick has some of the worst effects with its giant lobster monsters... Holy crap, just horrible!! The MST version is a hoot!

Wow, whatta cool list it is... Hope you enjoyed the ride, I did!!!


Dr. Theda said...

An enjoyable post !! and some great images !!

Philip Smolen said...

What a wonderful post guys! I absolutely loved it. It put me in the mood to watch some of these classics. One question, though... Wasn't "Dogora the Space Monster" released around 1965 or so? I used to always watch that on The 4:30 Movie during Monster Week here on the East Coast.

Thanks again guys.

Anonymous said...

Really appreciate all the effort you put into these posts. Lots of gems here (as well as a few dogs) and I will be working my way through them (for the umpteenth time) over the next week or two as time permits.


Paul from Oz

TABONGA! said...

Thanks guys for all your comments, it's always appreciated - Yes Philip, Wikipedia had Dogora incorrectly listed in the 1958 category, I've removed the photo to make our list accurate now, thank you for pointing it out, I should have known that...

Randall Landers said...

Great post! Thank you for three of my personal faves; Kronos, The Monolith Monsters and The Beast with a Million Eyes. Anything by Paul Blaisdell is solid gold to me!

Anonymous said...

I think Randall Landers is the ONLY other person I've ever seen mention BEAST WITH A MILLION EYES as a favorite! I love that film's cool subtext.

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