Monday, March 20, 2017


Here's the first remake of the classic movie from 1956. In San Francisco, a group of people discover their friends are being replaced one by one, with clones devoid of human emotion...

The wild little flick stars Donald (DR. TERROR'S HOUSE OF HORRORS) Sutherland, Brooke (SHOCK WAVES) Adams, Jeff (THE FLY) Goldblum, Veronica (ALIEN) Cartwright and Leonard (THE BRAIN EATERS) Nimoy.

Here are our pals, Elizabeth, Matthew and Jack, as they try and figure out why some of their friends are acting a little strange.

I threw in this shot because it's just funny!

Then, Jack has a weird experience when a deformed body in his likeness is found near him. And, he needs to take a little nap...

Here's a big pod giving birth to an unformed human body, just waiting to get its host to sleep!

Leonard Nimoy shows up as Dr. Kibner, he seems to be the head honcho when it comes to putting people to sleep. Here, he's ready to shoot up Matthew and Elizabeth with something to make them groggy.

They throw in this guard dog with a human face for some stupid reason... What the Hell!!

Matthew watches as pods are being delivered overseas, things are getting out of control.

Then, the worst happens, Elizabeth falls asleep and sheds her old skin for some new pod flesh. And, she runs around naked as she chases Matthew back to town.

Matthew discovers the pod nursery and decides to sabotage the works. He takes an ax and cuts all the ropes holding up the lights which starts the whole place on fire!

And, the pods go up in flames and bleed out their unearthly ooze!

Now, is this a cool shot of Matthew running away from the building or what?!

Anyway, Matthew exposes himself when his still human friend Nancy approaches him. He gives out that unearthly screech to bring attention to her, game over, man! We're back Wednesday with even more, from, The Dungeon!!


Anonymous said...

I went to see this in a theater back in the day, and there were very few films I've hated more! It's bad enough to get the idea to remake one of the handful of GREAT CLASSIC sci-fi films ever made (WTF was on their mind?), but for this to be so ridiculous and bloody annoying in so many ways...I would have walked out but had to stay as I was designated driver for some friends when we went to this turd of a of the guys made a comment like, "I wonder who the director had to blow to make this thing?" Indeed.

TABONGA! said...

I agree, this POS totally sucks!..

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