Monday, March 13, 2017


Last Monday I posted FIFTIES SCI-FI MOVIE EARTH INVADERS, so, today I have the Monsters on Alien Planets that we encountered there. When I decide to do one of these posts, I have no real idea how it will turn out until I make the list. With the Earth Invaders, there were 40 movies, with this post, there are only 12 movies! We were invaded over three times more than planets we explored with Monsters! So, check it out...

First up is ROCKETSHIP X-M from 1950, the Martians were messed up primitive mutants and some were blind. Something definitely went wrong on the Red Planet years ago...

Next is CAT-WOMEN OF THE MOON from 1953, there was this giant cave spider that would love to strip that tasty flesh off your bones!

I remember seeing this photo of KING DINOSAUR from 1955 in FAMOUS MONSTERS back in the day. This movie is pretty whack but fun to watch for the over the top acting!

THIS ISLAND EARTH from 1955 has one of the finest weird monsters from the Fifties. I mean, wow, what a thrill it must have been to catch this great movie when it came out!

Then we have FIRE MAIDENS OF OUTER SPACE from 1956, it had this weirdo creature I think was known as The Dark One... All he could do is throw some rocks at you and I guess choke you if you got too close to him, wow!!

My all time favorite fifties creation is The ID Monster from FORBIDDEN PLANET in 1956. What a movie, besides that, there was Robby The Robot and those amazing sound effects!!

In IT! THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE from 1958, Paul Blaisdell came up with this mighty Martian to terrorize the crew when they return to Earth in their spaceship...

MISSILE TO THE MOON from 1958 was a remake of CAT-WOMEN OF THE MOON, this time besides the giant spider, they threw in a couple of very cool Rock Monsters.

In QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE from 1958, the only monster was this giant spider reused from WORLD WITHOUT END. It looks so fakey when our hero holds on tight to the big thing to make it look like it has a hold of him!

A pile of terrific monsters appeared in THE ANGRY RED PLANET from 1959 including The Martian, the Bat Rat Spider and the giant killer Amoeba!

Also in 1959, these two bizarro monsters show up in BATTLE BEYOND THE SUN from 1959, they have to be some of the craziest creations of the Fifties!

The last movie in the post is for the Stooges' HAVE ROCKET WILL TRAVEL from 1959, it had lots of cool monsters to chase our guys around, making for a ton of laffs... Check in again on Wednesday as we keep chugging down the tracks, bringing you the goods!


The Del-Aires said...

Another great post! But I do have one comment though...
In "World Without End" they weren't on an alien planet but the Earth of the far future. (Granted the Earth in the film did seem pretty alien-like.)

TABONGA! said...

TD-A - Holy crap, for some reason I guess I was thinking about FLIGHT TO MARS... Doh!

I'll delete that one for accuracy - Thanks for catching it...

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