Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Wanna talk about a Wacky Wednesday? I think "Ultraman Mebius" fills the bill!
I'm a little bit out of my league here, but I'm pretty sure this was episode # 4 from a Japanese TV series that ran for one season from 2006 to 2007.

This is like a test-tube baby of a big but funny little monster named Miclas!
He is the property of a group of youths called GUYS that consists of Marina, George, Konimi, Teppei, Ryu, and Captain Sakomizu, a network of paramilitary monster fighters! 
So what are they gonna do with him?? 
Miclas, play the Intro!

The plan is when a monster comes to Earth, they release Miclas, and he kicks the other monster's ass, and everything goes back to normal again!

What makes it interesting is that Miclas is not exactly a prefect monster!

Konimi, the kindergarten teacher is kind of the Mommy of Miclas!

The GUYS give Miclas a holographic monster to practice on, but Miclas turns out to be very clumsy!

This is Miclas's way of trying to scare you!

And he's got this big nasty looking creature to contend with!

And if that ain't bad enuf, Miclas is also a pacifist, which is kind of rough when you're a monster!
I won't say he's a coward, he's just scared stiff!

Of course the guy who ordered Miclas in the first place is the one who bitches the most about his lack of horrific performance! Budget cutbacks!

Oh, Damn! I almost forgot this was an Ultraman show!

This is actually Ultraman's son, who is one of the GUYS!
What can you do? Get in there and kick some monster butt!

I only watched one of these shows, so I have to admit I have no idea what's going and why this Japanese Gene Simmons reptile woman is just hanging out watching the whole proceedings with me, all I know is that it's weird for a kid's show!

Finally, Ultraman shows up!

This monster's name is Kellbeam!! He's pretty bad!

Kellbeam is on a rampage but there is yet another problem with Miclas.......

Miclas has a very short shelf life, and only exists for 60 seconds at a time, so if he spends 55 seconds goofing off, being scared etc, it doesn't leave him much effective monster bashing time! It was kind of a minor flaw in the program!

Is this a great shot, or what?

Poor little Miclas is very distraught over the whole situation, but his Mommy cheers him on!!

Finally, Miclas kicks it into gear, and with some help from Ultraman, sends this monster back to wherever the Hell it came from!

Ultraman has been around 50+ years now, and it's funny how sometimes he looks like a Mexican wrassler!

 Makes me hungry for some Mexican Sushi, ala Sushinola!  The perfect blend of East and West!

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