Saturday, March 25, 2017

THE NUTTY PROFESSOR - Les Brown - "The Greatest Drink Since Dracula Discovered Bloody Marys" (1963)

Welcome to yet another Saturday Night Special in The Dungeon! Tonight's feature is the classic 1963 adaptation of Robert Lewis Stevenson's "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" as portrayed  by one of the most popular guys in France, Jerry Lewis! Pre-ratings, "The Nutty Professor" is like a Disney movie for adults! It's insipidly stupid, but just plain fun to watch!

I watched "The Nutty Professor" a couple of weeks ago and it was the reason I got sidetracked on the whole lengthy film history of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

 The great Jerry Lewis is Professor Julius Kelp, the Dr. Jekyll character in the movie!

 The Professor is trying to get into shape, but the workout is not working out too well!

 In a literal walk through scene, Dungeon Super Hero Richard (Eegah!!) Kiel, strolls through the gym just to set up....

 .........this short but uncomfortable encounter with Julius!!

Without his thick glasses on, Julius bowls over a group of kids he thought were bowling pins and is very excited that he got a strike!

 In the older Dr. Jekyll movies, the transformation would have stopped here, but in the hipper 1963 version, there's time for one more change!

Who shows up after that? The ultra cool Mr. Buddy Love!

 The Hyde character is no killer, but he does have quite an attitude problem! I've often heard that Jerry Lewis wasn't always the nicest guy in the world, and Buddy Love might be a little closer to the real Jerry than the goofball we all grew to love! Comedian/Actor Buddy Lester is the sarcastic bartender feeding it back to him.

 Lucky Jerry gets to have Stella Stevens as his love interest!
Maybe he did the casting himself!

 I think you get the point! The poster besieged me not to give out too much information, so I think I've gone too far already!

 This is a great shot!!

 The music by Les Brown and his Band of Renown swings from start to finish, and makes the party complete! Here's about a minute and a half from the ending credits! Pretty sweet!

 When Mr. Cool Buddy Love's voice starts reverting back to the nerdy squeak of Professor Kelp, the crowd of new and adoring fans are shocked back to their senses when he reveals the truth and changes back completely to his former self!

In an otherwise classic tale, the 1960's nerdy guy wins the gorgeous gal in technicolor with cool music! It's about three bikinis, and two surf bands short of being a beach movie, 
but that's all right with me! I liked it almost as much as when I was fifteen!

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