Saturday, November 5, 2016

BLOW OUT - Brian De Palma - "The Sound Of Murder" (1981)

Blast-Off, Black-Out, Blow-Up, Blow-Out, there are plenty of ways to go!
Welcome to the Saturday Night Special version of The Dungeon!
That's a pretty cool poster!!

Tonight's feature is a 1981 Brian De Palma film titled "Blow Out!"
Here's 44.8 seconds of sound to get you in the right frame of mind!

Most everything is an illusion! "Blow Out" starts out as a horror movie within a movie!

The basic premise is that there is a movie sound man out capturing sounds one night when a fast moving car careens wildly off the road and into the river! The sound man jumps in to save a beautiful drowning woman!

The sound man is none other than John Travolta. Now I didn't used to be a big John Travolta fan because just like how "Major Tom" ruined David Bowie for me for years, "Grease," "Saturday Night Fever" and "Urban Cowboy" killed John Travolta to me, but in retrospect, I think he's a pretty good actor, and does a great job in this movie!

The sound man has some very sophisticated equipment!

The woman he saves from drowning is Nancy (Carrie, RoboCop) Allen! Nancy was married to Brian De Palma when "Blow Out" was made! They stayed together for five years!

When John Listens back to the recording he made, he realizes that it wasn't just the sound of a tire blowing out, but there was also a barely discernible gunshot at the same time, and that makes him realize that something fishy is going on around here!

Crab Salad!!

The always entertaining John Lithgow has the role of the creeper dude!

Nancy is not nearly as innocent as she makes herself out to be, and she has quite a bit of history she is going to need to explain!

What a terrific mess!

Watch "Blow Out" and you just might want to reconsider that whole gender neutral bathroom concept!

"Blow Out" is really quite a production! If I was making this movie, I would have just found a parade somewhere to use, but not Brian De Palma! No way!

"Blow Out"is pretty ominous, and the world hasn't exactly become a safer place to live since 1981!
Life is like one big boxing match kids, so protect yourself at all times!!


Exeter said...

Jeez! I've been negligent!
except i had to buy a new mac after ten years, and now don't know how to do much!
Thanks for being there and this cool movie review!

Exeter said...

i thought i did this.
Hurray for Eeegah! and Tobonga!

EEGAH!! said...

Thanx Ex!! Good to have you back! New computer blues? How much fun it can be!

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