Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Well, now that the Halloween party is over, we can get back to the business at hand, and where I left off over a month ago was at Part 6 1/2, of  '24 Reasons To Watch Olde Movies' and this is the second installment, which makes it officially Part 7 I guess! Anyway, here they are, the gals that make up the second half of Part 7, and a mighty fine assortment they are!

#164 - Anne Neyland "Jailhouse Rock" "Man With A Camera" "Men Into Space"
(She even looks like Elvis in the bottom pic)

#165 - Gaby Fainon -  "Assignment: Outer Space" "Blood And Roses"

#166 - Julie London - "Nabonga" Man From U.N.C.L.E."
(Probably better known as a singer, songs sung by Julie have been in 42 movies)

#167 - Kitty de Hoyos - "Trip To The Moon" La Loba" "Adventure At The Center Of The Earth"

#168 - Laraine Day - "The Woman On Pier 13" "Burke's Law"

#169 - Laura Betti - "Blood Brides" "A Bay Of Blood" "At Night All Cats Are Crazy"

#170 - Linda Christian - "The Devil's Hand" "Tarzan And The Mermaids"

#171 - Margaret Hayes - "Saboteur" "The Beat Generation" "13 West Street"

#172 - Merry Anders - "The Hypnotic Eye" "The House Of The Damned"
"The Time Travelers" "Women Of The Prehistoric Planet"

#173 - Nora Hayden - "High School Confidential" "The Angry Red Planet"

#174 - Viviane Ventura - "Battle Beneath The Earth" "The Man From U.N.C.L.E."

#175 - Yvonne Romain - Hammer Scream Queen - "Corridors Of Blood" "Circus Of Horrors" "Danger Man" "The Curse Of The Werewolf" "Night Creatures"

So that's it for now! I'm working on Part 8 which will bring us up to 200 total, and I'd like to make it to Part 13, but the further I go, the more mainstream AND the more obscure it gets! What kills me is that if I had been more astute when I started this blog, we could have tried to get an interview or something with a great majority of these women, but now, a mere 9 years later, most of them are gone, except for Yvonne, and I'm pretty sure she lives in England!

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