Friday, November 18, 2016

ALLISON HAYES - Her Horror & Sci-Fi Movies From 1957-63

Here's another special Friday post, just for you... First of all, Allison participated in the 1949 Miss America pageant as Miss Washington, D.C. In 1955, after she arrived in Hollywood, Allison's agent wanted to get her an interview with Cecil B. DeMille! Allison resembled a drawing of Sephorah, wife of Moses in The Ten Commandments. DeMille asked her to come to his office and under orders from her agent, Allison didn't mention that she was under contract to Universal. International! But, when DeMille was informed that Allison was a U-I employee, he threw her and her agent off the lot!! Roger Corman says he considered using Allison in LAST WOMAN ON EARTH, but, chose Betsy Jones-Moreland after seeing her in a play in Hollywood. Allison is best remembered for her role as Nancy Archer in the cult classic, ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT WOMAN in 1958, which I actually saw when it came out in 1958. Lucky me!!

Allison's first role in a horror movie was in ZOMBIES OF MORA TAU in 1957 which also featured Gene Roth as limo driver, Sam, who purposely runs down zombies!!

Also in 1957, she starred in Corman's THE UNDEAD as the witch, Livia. Eegah!! has/had this beautiful classic poster in his collection! Too bad the movie sucks!

Allison stars in the very weird THE UNEARTHLY in 1957 along with John Carradine, Myron Healey, Sally Todd and the big guy, Tor Johnson.

Also in 1957 (a busy year for Allison), she stars in the jungle horror, THE DISEMBODIED.

Then, in 1958, Allison stars in the wild, ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT WOMAN. Shes' out to get revenge on her husband and his lover, played by William Hudson and sexy, Yvette Vickers.

She was part of the cast in the short lived TV series, MEN INTO SPACE. This Dell comic is the closest thing to a poster I could find.

Allison is tormented by THE HYPNOTIC EYE in 1960. The movie uses HypnoMagic to hypnotize the many victims of Desmond. I had this one-sheet poster until I sold it on eBay.

Lastly, Allison had a small role in this extra weird flick, Joseph F. Robertson's production of THE CRAWLING HAND in 1963. That's one kitschy cool poster there!!

Now, here are a few shots of Allison to enjoy...

Her untimely death in 1977 was a sad moment in film, we will always love her performance as the 50 Foot Woman. Be back tomorrow for more stuff, from... The Dungeon!

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Grant said...

THE CRAWLING HAND might be her most surprising horror role, because she plays a secretary, but a little closer to a stereotyped "prim and proper" one than a stereotyped hot one. Still, you kind of expect her and Peter Breck to get together in some romantic sub-plot (even though the movie already has a couple), but it never happens.

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