Wednesday, November 9, 2016

THE THIRD ALIBI - Cleo Laine - "Now And Then" (1961)

"The Third Alibi" is one of the few movies I couldn't find a poster for. They must be either really rare or completely non-existent, one or the other, but no matter, this Grand National Pictures logo is pretty cool too!

"The Third Alibi" was released in 1961, but it looks a lot more like a 40's or 50's movie!
It's a simple but very effective film that has enough worthwhile moments to make it worth checking out!

 What a splendid and happy couple! Too bad that's his wife's half sister, not his wife!

Time to get this story rolling!

"The Third Alibi" is a cheeky little affair about a composer working on a new stage show, which allows it to share some nice musical moments! The composer is named Norman Martell and is played by the fine actor Laurence (The Crawling Eye, The Tell-Tale Heart, Vampire Circus) Payne!!
It's kind of strange that the music producer of this film is a real-life Martell, the prolific Phillip Martell! Here's just a taste of the swingin' scene!

Cleo Laine performing "Now And Then"  as written by Don Banks and David Dearlove is the frosting on the cake, because besides Cleo, that's the amazing Dudley (Bedazzled) Moore tinkling the keys!

Patricia Dainton is the neglected wife with a bad heart! After 22 credits, Patricia permanently retired to be with her family! "The Third Alibi" was her last film.

 This is what it looks like when you overhear your husband and your sister planning your murder!

 Here's a couple of 1961 Brit hotties for you!!

I'll bet good money that this phone was difficult to keep clean, and you sure wouldn't want to splatter any blood on it!

What the Heck? How can I kill her if she's not here?
This is really messing up the whole plan!!

 Tell me you don't think Lucy Griffiths wouldn't have made the perfect Olive Oyl! 
Ironically enough, the woman she is talking to is an actress named Olive Milbourne!

 "Here, have a drink, honey!"

No Shit?!? WTF?!? Are you kidding???

I'll leave you with this amazing picture I got when I did a Google image search for Lucy Griffiths. No kidding, those were two pictures that showed up side by side, and all I did was just crop it!
I don't know about you, but it cracks me up!!

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Grant said...

Even though I don't know ether one from all that many things, Laurence Payne and Kieron Moore always remind me of each other.

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