Monday, November 28, 2016

TOTAL RECALL / Carolco Pictures - 1990

Arnie's back today with a story that goes like this... Douglas Quaid (Arnie) is haunted by a recurring dream about a journey to Mars, he hopes to find out more about the dream and buys a holiday at Rekall Inc., where they sell implanted memories! Of course, something goes wrong with the memory implant and he remembers being a secret agent fighting against the evil Mars administrator, you know, Cohaagen!! That's when the story really begins, and, it's a wild ride to the final moments...

Wow, this has to be the weirdest title card we've ever presented! Now you can tell your grand kids that... You was there!!

So, looks like Douglas is having a fun time at Rekall Inc., where he accidentally gets knowledge of his secret agent past!

Sharon Stone plays his supposed 'wife.' First, her and Doug fight it out hand and fist, then, they make up and he lets her live. Later, she gets a visit from her boss, Cohaagen!! He wants Doug, dead! Ronny Cox plays... Cohaagen!!

Anywho, Doug safely gets to Mars, and, that's what it looks like up there!..

It's a freak show on Mars because everyone's a damn freak!! Doug's in disguise to top it all off.

Honestly, the make up on that dude is just plain... Disgusting! What's wrong with people?!

But, probably the most remembered scene from the movie is the girl with three boobs!

Oh yeah, and, don't forget about them yucky Martian Mutants!!..

Ffffuuucccckkkiiinnggg!!!.... OOOUUUUCCCCHHHHHH!!!!!

The ending is pretty freakin' weird, where they exploit bulging eyeball, tongue and face special effects... We'll be back on Wednesday with our final post in November, 2016, Yo!

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I thought it was a bugger, but it's not! said...

I used to like Arnie, but after his stint as Governor of Calif, and a few other issues, I would have changed the name of this movie to "Total Asshole!"

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