Saturday, June 25, 2016

THE CREEPER - " It STRIKES...and STRIKES again! (1948)

Tonight's feature was released in 1948, involves cats, and is called "The Creeper!

Apparently I had never seen "The Creeper" before, and I always thought that this film was a sequel or follow up to the Rondo Hatton film titled "The Brute Man" where Rondo played a character called The Creeper, but................

................Boy was I wrong! This black cat is "The Creeper," but he's really quite innocent!

Janis Wilson is Nora Cavigny, a strange young lady who sleepwalks, and goes and gets her Dad's gun in the middle of the night! Janis Wilson was only in 7 films, this being the last of them, and she had enough, and quit acting at the age of 18! Too bad I think, because she is really quite a talented actress as you will see!

Wow! Because of the long shadows this sign looks like it would have been perfectly suited for a Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon episode!

On the left we have Eduardo (The Mummy's Hand, Foreign Correspondent, Monster From Green Hell) Cianelli as the fairly evil Dr.Van Glock, and on the right is Ralph (The Monster Maker, Weird Woman, The Monster And The Ape) Morgan as scientist with a conscience, and Nora Cavigny's Father, Dr. Lester Cavigny! These two are partners, but they are having a bit of a conflict right now!

A younger Doctor Jim Bordon and olde friend of Nora's is Onslow (Them, The Monster And The Girl) Stevens! He's joined here in the lab by his fiancé Gwen as played by June Vincent, and the cat named The Creeper (They didn't give cats credits back in the 40's)! June went on to be in many, many, many, many TV shows in the 50's and 60's!

Besides sleepwalking, Nora has lots of nightmares and an unreasonable fear of cats!

And there's a bit of a mental catfight between Gwen and Nora!

Nora's Dad and Dr. Glock had done some experiments on cats in Africa that somehow terrorized Nora, and now Dr. Glock wants to bring some of the cats back to continue the experiments! Nora's Dad disagrees, and it's not long before she finds him dead! She rushes to him, gets blood on her hands, and now she is the prime suspect in the murder of her Father!

More nightmares about experiments and cats in cages!

I read on IMDB that Janis quit acting because she didn't like the way she looked on film, but in my book, she was a master of the crazy eyes!

One of the great things about olde movies is, a lot of them like this clock in at a little over an hour, and that's prefect in my book! There's not a lot of wasted time! 
So, everything goes to Hell in a hand basket in a short amount of time. Nora is being pursued by something, but when she pulls the trigger, it's her olde friend Dr. Bordon!

Dr. Van Glock shows up just in time to help! 

But for some reason, he ain't feeling so well!

Maybe Nora's fear of cats is not so unreasonable after all!

Dr. Van Glock never does a full transformation, but the creepy cat hand is good enough!

Nora says, "AAAAAGHHHHHH!!"
"The Creeper" streams in decent quality for free on YouTube!
I have no idea what you're waiting for! Go kill an hour before it kills you!!


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The Cat's eyes in the poster are like... Weirdsville!!

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Monster Music
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