Wednesday, June 15, 2016

DIAL M FOR MURDER - Alred Hitchcock (1954)

I just don't get it, and I guess I don't care anymore, but 37 very high quality Alfred Hitchcock DVDs post paid from China for 65 bucks is one Helluva deal!
Forget taking classes in film making, just buy this set, watch, and absorb it all, and you might just become the next Master of the Macabre!!

I'm sure that everything there is to be said about all Alfred Hitchcock motion pictures has been said! These movies I'm just enjoying, and taking a moment to remind you that when you're looking for a good movie to watch, almost any Alfred Hitchcock movie will do, and lucky for us all, there are quite a few of them, and they're readily available for the most part!

First, just go out and find yourself a copy of this book where Francois Truffaut interviews Alfred Hitchcock! Everything else will be self-evident after you do that!
I don't even care about musical sound clips any more, because.....right now, that concept is irrelevant!
The always delightful Dimitri Tiomkin composed the music for "Dial M For Murder," and if you like these kinds of superbly orchestrated sound tracks, then go somewhere like here and lay down some cash!

Future Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly is magnificent!
Grace left this world at the all too young age of 52 in a stupid car accident! Ridiculous!

For me this is one of Alfred's best cameo roles, staring at the camera in a shot from a college yearbook!

Ray Milland is one of my favourite actors for several good reasons like "The Thing With Two Heads," "Frogs," "X: The Man With The X-Ray Eyes," "Panic In The Year Zero," etc. 

But Ray was also in a lot of classy movies too, like "Dial M For Murder," where he plans the diabolical and devious murder of his wife!

Although he's not a real familiar name most likely, Anthony Dawson has some pretty cool creds himself like "Curse Of The Werewolf," and three Sean Connery era James Bond flicks!

Alfred Hitchcock films are just a joy to watch! The man was so meticulous, even a simple scene like this is gorgeous!

One of the most interesting things about "Dial M For Murder" is that you know from the start who the bad guy is, but what is to be determined is whether he's going to get caught or not!

Anthony Dawson's character has been unknowingly recruited, and then blackmailed into killing Ray Milland's wife! The plan has been worked out to the last detail!

1950's stag parties were a bit different from today! Although there was plenty of drinking going on, there were no strippers!

This shot from the attempted murder almost looks like an abstract painting, and I like it!

The murder plan was doomed from the start!

And Anthony Dawson ends up with a pair of scissors in his back!
This is yet another awesome shot!

"Dial M For Murder" moves along at a pretty quick clip, so an intermission is a good chance to grab something to drink or eat!

John Williams played the role of Chief Inspector Hubbard in this movie, on Broadway, and on TV!
He also played William Shakespeare in the "Twilight Zone" episode titled "The Bard!"

Another Dungeon fave Bob (Love That Bob, Saboteur) Cummings has the role of the illicit lover! Since he was a writer of murder mysteries, it was expected that he would solve this puzzle, but then that would have been too easy!

The jig is up, so what's there left to do but have another drink?

So there you go! I like stupid trashy films as well as the next guy, but if you want to watch a good movie, you sure can't go wrong with Alfred Hitchcock, even if they do come from China! Most of the DVDs in this set have titles on the label in English, but this one is a mystery except the silhouette of a phone gives it away!!


Richard S. said...

Wonder how many kids these days have any clue what a rotary phone is? Pretty soon, they'll only be seen in movies. Somehow, "Text M for Murder" doesn't seem so interesting.

EEGAH!! said...

Good One Richard! That rotary phone sure makes for one of my favourite title cards, and that would also pale by comparison on a cell phone!

Grant said...

I just saw "The Bard" again. John Williams is great in it, as is everyone else.

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