Wednesday, June 8, 2016

MY FRIEND THE MONKEY - Betty Boop and Pudgy (1939)

 Everybody loves Betty Boop, but this cartoon is more about her dog Pudgy!

 Back when living in the city wasn't such a horrible experience! How romantic, an organ grinder and his buddy, the monkey, outside your window to entertain you!

 Betty Boop requests that the monkey does a little dance!

 So the monkey does a wild little song and dance number that sounds like this!

 Then he hops up on the windowsill to collect his reward!!

 Aw, what a cute little feller, he looks like a perfect playmate for Betty's pooch Pudgy!

 Pudgy is a happy little pup!

 But he's a little taken back at first by the presence of a monkey in his home!

 The two seem to getting along famously!

 So Betty tries to buy the monkey for two dollars, but the hurdy-gurdy man wants three dollars!

 Meanwhile, the monkey is turning out to not be nice at all! He's pretty smart though! Here he uses a clothes wringer to squeeze every last drop of goodness out of a piece of pie!

 The monkey is actually a sadistic little bastard!

 Now it's time for Pudgy's big surprise!

 Being totally naive about what's been happening, Betty buys the monkey so Pudgy can have a permanent best friend!

How Mortifying!!
Have a great week! It's back to moving for me!

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