Friday, June 17, 2016

HANGAR 18 / Sunn Classic Pictures - 1980

Here's a flick that stars Gary (KING KONG vs. GODZILLA) Collins, Robert (THE MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.) Vaughn, James (TEEN WOLF) Hampton, Philip (THE INVISIBLE BOY) Abbott, William (THE MAN FROM PLANET X) Schallert, Darren (MISSION MARS) McGavin and Joseph (METEOR) Campanella, all popular TV personalities. The story goes like this... After the launch of a satellite from a space shuttle, the satellite collides with a UFO in front of the crew's eyes! Because of an upcoming political campaign, some politicians try to hide the crashed UFO inside, what else, good old Hangar 18. Filmed in Texas.

I have a sound clip for your approval, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button located there by our Hangar 13, NOW, Rufus The Gnat!.. Here's some... HANGAR 18!

It starts when the space shuttle crew watches a UFO enter the scene and collides with the satellite they're deploying, killing the astronaut there!

Then, some hick dude in his vintage Pontiac observes the UFO falling out of the sky.

Here's Robert Vaughn as our president, he's a real ass hole, so...

This is some bitchin' 1980's graphics used to follow the space shuttle that's ready to land.

The good guys get access to the UFO in Hangar 18 and try to figure out how it works and its purpose. Those alien symbols are probably a little confusing to understand..

You can hear in the sound clip where they start the saucer up by mistake, then, shut it down. Darren McGavin yells... Watch what you're doing!!! A little much needed levity.

I included this shot of Darren because, first, nice portrait, secondly, I just love this guy!

Hey, bartender!.. Mix me up a Black Hole... Make it a double, I need to disappear for awhile!

Well, the president has a secret plan to get rid of the saucer and those goddamn whistle blowing good guys. Refer to the last still to see what that solution is!

Okay, I'm showing the UFO again because I like Cerulean Blue, that's all...

Our heroes are slowly analyzing the saucer and determine that it's cataloging all the military, missile, industrial and power plant site around the world.

Marcel Duchamp's "Men descending the stairs."

Well, anyway, wouldn't you know it, the CIA planted a bomb in the remote controlled Lear jet and plowed it into, what else, freakin' Hangar 18, destroying the saucer and killing all the good guys!! Checkmate, matey! Eegah!! haunts this space tomorrow, so, check it out!!


Grant said...

This movie doesn't have a lot of comic relief, but there's that great moment when Darren McGavin accidentally fires that "ray gun" (or whatever it is) and barely misses two of the other characters. Suddenly it's like watching "A Christmas Story," watching everyone's reaction.

Lacey said...

In the version I saw a voice over from a newscast at the end says the saucer and the American astronauts and technicians inside survived the explosion.
That NASA admits it is an alien spacecraft and the world press is flocking to the area.

This might have been added later if the original ending did not test well with audiences.

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