Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I CONFESS - Alfred Hitchcock (1953)

Tonight's Wednesday Weirdness is a fustercluck of moderate proportions, a film by the master Alfred Hitchcock called simply, "I Confess!"

I must confess, it's quite a mess! (Also, my electricity just went out!)

First couple of minutes, there's a murder!

We already know who the murderer is, but this story is about the fact that nobody else does, except of course for................

........The Father, who just received the killer's confession. But since he's not allowed to share any information confessed to him, he has to keep it to himself, and that is the hokey pokey of this story! Does he look uncomfortable? Good, because he is!

The crowd of people the next day at the crime scene are an interesting lot!

A 31 year old Karl (The Streets Of San Francisco) Malden is the detective in charge of the investigation!

Anne (Olga, Queen Of The Cossacks) Baxter is the female trouble!

This painting scene hit a real nerve, since that's all we've been doing the last three weekends!

Brian (The Eleventh Commandment, Madame Guillotine, The Constant Nymph) Aherne is the chief prosecutor, and when he's not goofing around like this, he's a tough cookie in the courtroom!

Great Shot!!

I can't watch Montgomery (A Place In The Sun, From Here To Eternity) Cliff without thinking about The Clash!
He does a pretty good job here as the priest who knows but won't tell, even though he's the one who ends up getting accused of the crime!
That's dedication, no doubt!
Gay, but not open about it, with drug and alcohol problems, Monty's life spun out of control, and he only lived to be 45!  He looks troubled in most of this movie, I'm not sure how much of it was actual acting! All that considered, how weird is it that a guy who sought out mental help could play Sigmund Freud in the second to the last of his film appearances!

After all, life is just a stage, isn't it!

I found these different international posters all over the place.....

........And I found they all had one thing in common...........

......Not one of them accurately displays information about this movie!

Five posters including the one at the top of the page, and in four of them Monty is in a suit!
In the movie, he's wearing his priest's frock 91% of the time!
I have yet to see a bad Alfred Hitchcock movie, and this one is no exception! I think I still have 33 more of Alfred's movies to watch, so expect a lot of AH over the next few months!

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