Wednesday, June 22, 2016

THE X-FILES - "Arcadia" (1999)

FBI, CIA, IRS, or HOA, one thing that these alphabet groups all have in common, don't cross the line or get on their bad side, unless you really enjoy a life of doom and gloom....
And that brings us to tonight's tale, Episode 15 from Season 6 of "The X-Files" titled "Arcadia!"

........and that is the truth!

Rules are cool until they become overbearing!

The plus of living in a gated community is that you should possibly have a better chance once the zombie holocaust begins!

So very happy to be home!

What more could you want from life? They even have fresh sod in their front yard!

But then, they do have those darn rules and regulations, and people that don't cooperate completely are getting murdered one by one!

Nifty little 'through the mailbox' shot of nosy neighbor Win Schroeder as played by Tom Gallop!

So Scully and Mulder are moving into their new home under the guise of being a happily married couple named Rob and Laura Petrie! Sound familiar? That's because those were the names of Dick Van Dyke and Mary Tyler Moore in the 60's TV sitcom, "The Dick Van Dyke Show!"

I'm pretty sure this a statement about self-imprisonment!!

Peter White is Gene Gogolak, the mean spirited head of the HOA board!

Gene Gogolak has his own mystical way of dealing with people who don't obey the rules!

Sculley and Mulder make a perfect couple! While he's actually digging it.........

............She's put off by the whole act, which just turns Mulder on more!

To see if they can draw a little more attention to themselves, Mulder starts purposely breaking the rules by sticking a totally illegal pink flamingo in the front yard!

And then he waits to see what will happen!

Nothing happens, but he does get a cryptic threatening letter!

Neighbor Big Mike as played by Abraham (Robot Chicken) Benrubi was killed by the murderous Gogolak creature, but manages to come back with a warning for Sculley and Mulder!

The creature is pretty creepy, but you never get a real good look at him!
Okay, that's it, I've got rules to break! Thanx to Lord Litter for turning me on to this episode of  "The X-Files," it's a good one, and both Netflix and Amazon stream it, so there's no reason not to watch it!

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