Monday, June 6, 2016


Here's a look at some of the things that two monster dudes were up to in a small agricultural town in central California. There really weren't any other kids that could match our fervor for monster fever, we stood alone.

My dad was a good sport, he took this classic photo of us in 1964... Monster Dudes, man!

This is one of my favorite pics, we also let the spider monkey out to chase around!

Here's a pic I had to get off a slide, you can see that I have the image reversed, but, big deal. This photo is from 1960, we had already surrounded ourselves with the world of Famous Monsters!

Here I am in my closet, consoling my little monster head I created for art class. Check out the VOODOO WOMAN poster on the door along with some FM covers.

This is another picture I love, the jacket was literally falling apart. Eegah!! took this one with his parent's Polaroid camera.

My back yard had some interesting structures my dad built, we definitely used them to our twisted advantage!

Two cool pics of Eegah!! made up as a devil, my dad called Eegah!!.. Mel.

This photo booth pic was probably taken in 1959, the year we met in 6th grade... Crazy kids!!

This is a drawing that Eegah!! drew of him laying on his bed, reading a sci-fi novel. The drawing is accurate considering we both had paperback book shelves, there's even his poster of CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF!

Okay, this is what we used to do in German class, we sat next to each other in the back, we called these tag team art, we liked cars. Eegah!! would start with a wheel or two, hand it back to me, I'd do a few things, hand it back to him, like that until we were done. We did about 16 of these, still have them. We just wanted to have fun, that's it!!

One of my favorite drawings from back then, the Ymir from 20,000,000 MILES TO EARTH, I cut it out and mounted it on the red background, really made it pop!

I would just get out my crow quill pen and ink and let it go, making up monsters is so cool.

This is my first oil painting, done I believe in 1964. I love shading and oil paint blends much better that acrylic. I'm still very proud of this piece.

Here's a good story... I had a few beers one night and decided to do a painting while under the influence of alcohol (pot came to our town in 1967). I disliked this acrylic painting so much that I have never drank before doing art ever again!

Eegah's!! mom was a costume whiz, she came up with our attire for our Sadie Hawkin's dance. We're supposed to be press reporters but Eegah!! is carrying a violin case with a freakin' machine gun inside! Wouldn't you know it, a horror twist... Eegah!! has something for us on Wednesday, so, be there!!!


Dr. Theda said...

Awesome post... Thanks for sharing Guys!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely brilliant stuff... it just keeps getting better and better.

I just love seeing all the early photos and artwork, all the stuff you two have kept all this time. I always thought I was a hoarder, but I can't hold a match to you guys.

I'm still amazed that you two are still friends all these years later. Although I had very close friends in school, we drifted apart afterwards because we were different.


Paul from Oz

EEGAH!! said...

Thanx Paul, Tabonga! left out the part that those car drawings were a big part of the reason that we flunked German I and we had to take it twice. The good news was that at the beginning of the second round, we were actually smarter than the rest of the class, and it gave us a chance to fuck off even more! Still, it was pretty weird to me in the early 1960's to be saying the pledge of allegiance every day in German, if you know what I mean!

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