Monday, September 22, 2014


It's time for more great images from The Dungeon, this time we gots some rare pulps that I found across the street at a second hand store. I bought them for 75 cents each and sold them for between $20-$40 each!! I also found a big pile of rare sci-fi paperbacks for the same price. How freakin' lucky is that?!..

Beautiful women in futuristic danger always makes for classic cover art, and, there are plenty more fine examples in this post!

Here's issue #1 of FATE magazine from 1948, they specialized in UFO sightings from around the world. This cover shows classic flying discs.

Issue #2 has a round UFO coming out of the Crow River in Minnesota. That is NOT a flying disc!

This 1950 issue shows a great looking Nessie style sea serpent stating that they do exist!

And, there's this classic yellow Cigar Shaped UFO that was sighted in Italy from a 1957 issue!

This issue went for the most, besides the awesome cover art, it also featured interior nudity!

Could you imagine having this sexy Space Angel pay you a visit while you streak through space in your orange rocket?!

This beautiful cover art was definitely influenced by the great Maxfield Parrish!

Here are two very nice covers featuring Space Hardware from ORBIT Science Fiction, wow!

This is another very rare title, you just can't go wrong using robots for the main topic!

SATELLITE Science Fiction had some of the best cover art, here's a very fine example.

I love this cover from SCIENCE FICTION ADVENTURES, it shows a space rescue and two Earth scientists who have contracted the space plague!

Now, here's a British publication featuring the amazing Criswell making predictions about Outer Space! Of course, our pal Ed Wood used Criswell in a number of his movies...

A great issue #1, this one even had an illustration by, get ready, the Fantastic Paul Blaisdell!!

There were many first issues in the lot of Sci-Fi Pulps I scored, it almost makes my head spin!

We'll end with this Science Fiction Novel about a Runaway Robot by legendary writer, Lester Del Rey!.. Check us out again on Wednesday as we get closer and closer to Halloween!

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Grant said...

Being attached to paranormal things, I envy you finding those early Fate magazines. The earliest one I have is from 1970. (Which is very good, but it's still relatively very late.)

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