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EXTRAÑA INVASIÓN - "Stay Tuned For Terror" (1965)

Rare is for steak! Tonight's feature is beyond rare, more like RAW! Welcome to Weirder Than Hell Wednesday 'live' from the deepest catacombs of The Dungeon, and tonight's really special feature, freakin' "Extraña Invasión,"or en Englisch........

La Colofonia En La Proa, Y Aquí Vamos!!! Está "Extrana Invasion!" The guy in charge of all those squeaks, whistles, warbles, and efectos especiales electrnicõs was called Radio Serra (Ranser)! Very mysterious if you ask me! So, don't touch that dial...............................!!!

First off, this village looks like it's ripe for the picking! Boys just out having fun, but it looks like one of those tortuous Japanese TV game shows!

All the TVs seem to have gone LOCO! These kids are obviously going to go mad without any cartoons, and it even affects some of the adults who might have been watching soap operas or some off the wall comedy shows with some fat guy dressed up as a giant bee!

Reading sub-titles is a real pain in the ass for some people, and I have to admit, you have to pay more attention (Which is a good thing for me because it keeps me from falling asleep), and can sometimes be downright hilarious when you see the spoken lines in print! Yep, the kids are pissed, but not because they miss their TV programs, they're mad because they have already become partially addicted to this new psychedelic channel! It's a damn shame it didn't come with music by some band like Day Blindness or The Jelly Bean Bandits!

Freakin' Prefect!! Sure Doc, just blow it all off because of some age old concept that 'Kids are so weird!" WTF?! "The Kids Are All Right," and guess what, there still ain't no cure for the "Summertime Blues" that I know of! Just ask Eddie Cochran or Blue Cheer!

The "Hypno-Channel" just keeps getting stronger, which means in 1965 Argentina, it's broadcast for at least 3 or 4 miles by now! Whoa! It's probably going to take over the whole world in no time at all!

Oh, that's right, I forgot that even though this film was made in Argentina, it's set in the United States where they don't speak English, so "Stay Tuned For Terror" was a pretty good predictor of the future!

Some people deal with challenging situations in different ways! When this guy can't watch his favourite TV show, he gets hammered instead! Truth is, it really didn't matter, he was going to get smashed anyway, just like he did the day before, and the day before that!

Mr. Intendent? It's even more fun when the translator's handle on English is as bad as my Spanish!

The kid ain't feeling well because he misses Hoppity Hooper, Huckleberry Hound, and Magilla Gorilla!!!

Behind the scenes, we find out this dude is in control of everything! I thought he was an alien......but.................

The local authorities have to go door to door and tell people to turn their Televisions off!

Meanwhile the hero Richard (The Blue Gardenia) Conte and his anti-romantic foil Anna (Riot On Sunset Strip) Strasberg have more primitive, but totally repressed urges on their mind! Richard also had the role of Edward Hall in the "Twilight Zone" episode titled "Perchance To Dream!"

The kids have all become unhinged! When their own TVs are turned off, they wander off into the night, and break into their neighbor's houses and watch their TVs instead! When the residents try and ask them what is going on, or try and turn off the television, the children beat up on them!

Two very valid points all in one scene: "Everybody's Insane!" and "What's going on?"

Although they don't seem to have any one guided purpose for their behaviour, the children are all turning into zombies of sorts, but they just haven't gotten to the brain-eating stage yet!

Trying to figger it all out the good old fashioned way!!

Through a series oscillations and other random shit, the government is finally able to stop the whole thing before it gets completely out of hand! Seems the guy running the show wasn't an alien at all, but just some local guy on what was basically a public-access TV show, who found some chemicals spilled in a swamp, and decided to use them to his own advantage!

I'm not kidding, I searched for this movie for over seven years! Was it worth it? Well, I'm still alive, so I'll say yes!! Now I'm hungry for some Pollo Asada!!

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TABONGA! said...

The story for HALLOWEEN III: The Season Of The Witch is very similar to this weird flick!

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