Saturday, September 27, 2014

THE DESTRUCTORS - Paul Dunlap "Laser Rubies and Go-Go Girls" (1968)

Welcome to the last Saturday night in September feature for this year, and it's another good one, straight out of 1968, "The Destructors!" "The Most Bizarre Caper Ever Planned?" I don't think so, but it's at least an entertaining watch if you can track down a copy in a dark alleyway in your home town somewhere!

Here's one of the keys to 1960's brilliance, if you don't have the most exciting movie in the world, at least start it off with a bang and a damn interesting title card! "The Destructors" gets an A+ in that department! Pretty cool, after all this time spell-check still doesn't recognize Destructors as being a word! That's classy!

Here's Richard Egan again as debonair Dan Street! Richard just cruised through these pages last month in "The Most Authentic Trucking Movie Ever Made," "Moonfire!" He's even better in this film!

"Do the stanky leg, do the stanky leg!" Some things will never change!!

Now that is what I call a very attractive sneer! Talk about hot, and check out all those people in the background!

Michael Ansara is Count Mario Romano, he's an elegant kind of fellow! Any fan of 50's Western TV shows will recognize Michael as Cochise in the show "Broken Arrow" for 72 episodes! Among a ton of other things, Michael was also Qarlo Clobregnny in the "Outer Limits" episode called "Soldier!"

The Count is not a very nice guy, but I give him a lot of credit for having a nice bar!!

Khigh Dhiegh has the role of King Chou Lai! Why they bothered changing his name from Khigh to Kang, I have no idea! The name he was born with was Kenneth Dickerson! On top of that, he was Kang in William Castle's "13 Frightened Girls," and he was Khan in the TV show "Khan!" What do they call a giant monkey in Texas?  Kang Khan!!

They call it "The Cyclops" and it's one Helluva evil eye powered by laser rubies that everybody wants to get their grimy mitts on!

"The Cyclops" easily destroys this military vehicle with it's death ray and then proceeds to completely disappear it! What an amazing show of power!

Meanwhile, back at the club, Joan (Visit To A Small Planet, Blue Hawaii, Kid Galahad) Blackman as Stassa, is putting on her own display of power! Stassa is shaking it to the Go-Go sounds of the genius Paul Dunlap, a true musical hero down in The Dungeon for his work on so many classic flicks we love like "I Was A Teenage Werewolf," "I Was A Teenage Frankenstein," "Blood Of Dracula," "How To Make A Monster," and "The Three Stooges In Orbit!" Here's just a very small, but tasty morsel of what's on the menu!

Dan Street needs a hot smoke to cool off after that number!!

Time for a little comedy relief featuring this bimbo waitress/personal go-go girl Prissy as played by Linda Kirk! Tough job finding out much about Linda except that she was a bikini girl in "The Oscar," and she was also on one episode of "The Monkees!"

It's not often I get to show off an old record cover! I think I used to have that one that Stassa's holding! It's a knockoff record by some unknowns but it's got the key word on the cover, "TWIST!" These types of records were commonly sold in five and dime stores like Woolworths, Cornet, or Rasco's for about 99 cents!

This is a great scene where Richard Egan is trying to get back into the good graces of his ex-wife Charlie, and he's scarfing down on a fried chicken leg at the same time! The unflappable Charlie is played by Patricia Owens who will be enshrined for all time in the Dungeon Hall Of Fame for her portrayal as Helene Delambre in "The Fly!"

Whoa! Now this is the most high-tech thing I've seen lately! It takes two, not one, but two, security cards used in tandem, to get into the final chamber of this highly restricted area where the Cyclops is kept!

I have no quaffing qualms about calling these crazy cats the "Aardvark Gang!!!" Who knows what happens when the lights go down!

I could be wrong Ref, but that looks like a low blow to me!

"The Destructors" is basically a love/hate story between these two guys, the two main members of The Count's gang! Here's a progression of stills from the good times right down to their final disagreement! Johnny Seven is the Italian guy as Spaniard, and the other German guy is John Ericson as Dutch! Interesting choice of International names! Born John Anthony Fetto II, Johnny Seven is one of the many lost faces that formed an era never to be duplicated, 1960's TV! Talk about olde skool, Johnny was married to his loving wife Edith Piselli for 59 years until his demise in 2010! The other John, Mr. Ericson just celebrated his 98th birthday last week on the 23rd of September! Shouldn't there be some kind of national recognition? What the Hell's wrong with the world today?  "Pretty Boy Floyd," "7 Faces Of Dr. Lao," "Route 66," John Ericson is another one of those of unknown icons of American TV and movies lost in time! Happy Birthday John!!


Lacey said...

AND should not be confused with the 1974 film of the same name with Michael Cain, Anthony Quinn, and James Mason.

Great review. I wish you could prove links to these classic adventures.

Tommy Ross said...

great post, never heard of this one before. thanks!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Thanx Tommy and Lacey! Films like this we finally got to see just by asking certain people who in turn have a cousin that has a friend that recorded a movie off of TV years ago!

Larry Scheflin said...

Khigh Dhiegh was also Judge Dee in a 1970's unsold pilot called "Judge Dee and the Monastery Murders." It was thoroughly enjoyable, and would have made a nice mystery series based on a series of books about the worlds first detective.

Grant said...

He was also in at least one KUNG FU episode, playing a fake magician. It wasn't a comedy, but he was pretty funny in it.

Along with everything lese, he was an astrologer, publishing a lot of "I CHING" books. (I don't actually understand a bit of it, but it's very interesting.)

Whale Fodder said...

The LP by the way is Peppermint Twist (to cash in on the Joey Dee hit no doubt) on Crown CLP5249 (from 1962), with a pretty strong track listing, but probably came with common noisy budget label pressing... Peppermint Twist - Twisters/Jump With You Baby - B.B. King/Tick Tock - Marvin & Johnny/Mary Lou - Young Jessie/No More Doggin' - Rosco Gordon//Oop Shoop - Shirley Gunter & Queens/Rock Bottom - Flairs/Daddy Daddy - Dreamers/Blowin' The Twist - Joe Houston/Have A Ball - Jimmy Witherspoon

EEGAH!! said...

I need to make another attempt at finding my copy!

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