Friday, September 19, 2014

~ METAL MONSTER TOYS For KIDS From 1 to 100 ~

Hey, it's Fun Friday with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon! Now, my still capture program doesn't work on either of my computers, so, time to rely on my image library to dig me out of this hole! Besides, this stuff fits nicely into The Dungeon's realm... Enjoy!!

Universal offered walking classic metal monsters at one time, starting with THE CREATURE!

Then, there's this great looking FRANKENSTEIN walking terror with big meaty claws.

Wow, THE MUMMY never looked better, what beautiful coloring and design!

And, this very cool WOLFMAN makes this group of metal walkers very desirable collectibles.

Without a doubt, japan leads the way when it comes to robot design, like this black beauty.

Here's the very cool SON OF GARLOO with his leopard skin loin cloth!

Look at the super detail on this amazing ROBBY THE ROBOT piece, incredible!

Then, check out this wild ROBBY THE ROBOT box art, the creature in the background looks like it was derived from the mind of the great comic artist, Basil Wolverton!

There are also ray-gun toting space invaders here to take over our world!

A more friendly robot, it just wants to play a drum solo for you!

Two more space invaders with their handy dandy space guns, ready to melt your face!

A pair of regular old metal munching robots ready to do their master's bidding.

Another classic Japanese robot design that really stands out in a crowd.

This one is just plain awesome with it's well designed details including Japanese writing!

We'll finish with this very nice green SPACE TANK. Tune in tomorrow when Eegah!! brings us a special SUPER MOUSE cartoon from 1942!


René Claude said...

The Space Tank is great. (Forever child !)

TABONGA! said...


Lacey said...

There was a traveling Museum show a few years ago called "Toys of the Space Age." It had all sorts of space race related robots and spacemen, board games and play sets going back to Flash Gordon days.

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