Saturday, November 9, 2013

TIMESTALKERS - "It's Way Past Time To Kill The Future" (1987)

It's not often I delve past the 70's, but tonight's feature is an extra special affair, so climb on board, and set your co-ordinates for 1987!

It's called "Timestalkers," and it's a 1987 TV movie about time traveling that has an stellar cast! It's not the best or the worst movie in the world, being neither great nor horrible, but it is special for a couple of reasons! The executive producer of "Timestalkers" was none other than Bill Hole, the guy who directed two of The Dungeon's favourite movies, "The Ghost Of Dragstrip Hollow," and "The Devil's Hand!"

"Timestalkers" stars Bill (The Dark Knight Rises) Devane as Scott McKenzie, a college professor fixated on the olde west!

In the opening scenes, Scott McKenzie's wife and son are killed in a fiery auto accident!

About a year or so later, Scott and his pal go to a western auction and buy these two chests!

Inside the larger trunk, the one that has the bullethole in it, there's an olde tintype photographe, and the time differential sequences begin! Enter Klaus Kinski as gungslinger Dr. Jospeh Cole!

Upon closer scrutiny, Scott Mckenzie realizes the gun in the photo was actually made in the 1980's, so he naturally figures the photographe is phony!

But then................Maybe not!

Enter Lauren (Once Bitten) Hutton as Georgia Crawford, a woman from 600 years in the future!

So what's the deal? Georgia and Dr. Cole are both from the future, and he's going back to the past in order to change history because he's pissed at her Father, and she's traveling through time to try and stop him!!

So now we come to the best part of this movie! Back in the past, a small gang of cowboys are partying down by the olde waterhole, and bigger than shit, I'll be damned if that isn't Tabonga there on the right in an un-credited role! He probably should have won some award for those chicken skin lookin' long johns, but we've never had that kind of luck!

Tabonga has told me that Klaus Kinski was all kinds of crazy on the set! Considering most of the roles Klaus had over the years, it would be pretty difficult to imagine that he wasn't a very strange man in real life too! Klaus is forever enshrined in the Dungeon Hall of Fame, and this is a great shot of him!

For some odd reason, 600 years in the future looks like a 1970's disco!

He looks great here, but this was the last movie Forrest Tucker would ever make, in fact, he passed away about 5 months before it was released! Forrest Tucker was in "The Abominable Snowman," "The Strange World Of Planet X," "The Crawling Eye," and will always be remembered by connoisseurs of 60's TV as Sgt. Morgan O'Rourke in the cowboy sitcom "F Troop!"

I actually liked this part of the movie a lot! Forrest Tucker's character was a wise olde gentleman named Texas John Cody, whose collection of historical cowboy songs provide clues that help solve this whole mystery!

It doesn't take much at all for Klaus Kinski to look like a complete and total train wreck! For some people it's just an inherent natural ability, and Klaus was one of the masters!

S H A Z A M ! ! !

This is my new favourite shot of the week!


TABONGA! said...

Thanx, pal...

Cottage Dreaming and Flea Market Wishes said...

OMG this is one of my favorite movies of all time .... I'm a Kinski fan and he was great in this movie :) thanks for bringing back a great memory :)

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