Saturday, November 16, 2013

DIE GRUFT MIT DEM RÄTSELSCHLOSS - Peter Thomas - "The Curse Of The Hidden Vault!" (1964)

Welcome to Edgar Wallace Saturday down in The Dungeon! Tonight's feature was originally titled "Die Gruft Mit Dem Rätselschloß" or as translated by Google, "The Crypt With The Mysterious Castle," but the real English title is "The Curse Of The Hidden Vault!" The music is once again by the phenomenal, the amazing, the always killer, Peter Thomas!

We love them all, Cellars, Crypts, Vaults, Chambers, Basements, Caves, Pits, Caverns, Tombs, Catacombs; they're all like cousins to The Dungeon!

Eddi Arent is Ferry Westlake. Eddi was in SO many of these German Edgar Wallace films, but his role is usually that of the comic relief sidekick, but in this particular film, his role is a little more out front!

The lovely Judith Dornys has the lead female role as Kathleen Kent! Ferry Westlake is supposed to be watching out for her! Judith's last film was made in 1969, and was titled "The Viking Who Became A Bigamist!" Really, I don't make this stuff up!

The multi-talented Harald Leipnitz has the role of Mickey Flynn, a guy who seems to be working both sides of the street! You don't know whether to trust Jimmy or not! He's kind of like an evil good guy! Harald had an awesome career and was in a lot of cool flicks like "The Sinister Monk," "The Brides Of Fu Manchu," and "Creature With The Blue Hand!"

Oh Yeah, Klaus Kinski is in there, creeping around, and lurking in the shadows and the bushes!!!

And you can't have a solid German Krimi film without Werner Peters in it, that would almost be a sin! Just for example, Werner was in :The 1000 Eyes Of Dr. Mabuse," "The Return Of  Dr. Mabuse," "The Invisible Dr. Mabuse," Dr. Mabuse vs Scotland Yard,"  "The Carpet of Horror, "The Phantom Von Soho," etc, usw.

Good shot of Eddi Arent amost getting skewered like a shish-kabob!

Naturally, Siegfried Schürenberg is in there once again for the gazillionth time as the always entertaining Sir John!

I love this shot of  Eddi and Judith!

Creepy mobster guys wear their shades at night!

Judith is pursued through a dark and dank basement storage area!

The giant gears of justice grind down to a halt!

The hidden vault itself is well buried, and booby-trapped and almost as difficult to get into as Superman's Fortress of Solitude! Like a whole lot of other Edgar Wallace gems, "The Curse Of The Hidden Vault" can be viewed for a pittance at Creepster TV!


Anonymous said...

Hey there.

Rätselschloss in this case means "mysterious lock". Schloss is castle as well as lock in German.



Matt St. Cyr said...

Hey Fellas!

Congrats! I hereby award you The Sunshine Award! I know, I weren't expecting it....but hey, here it is! Enjoy!

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