Saturday, November 30, 2013

DVÆRGEN - Ole Ørsted - "The Sinful Dwarf" (1973)

Thanksgiving might be over, but here's some unrefrigerated turkey leftovers for you, hope you don't  get sick, because...............

.........................."The Sinful Dwarf" is kind of like a bad case of salmonella or botulism, so just don't eat any questionable smoked salmon before you watch it!

 These shots of children's toys are not the least bit comforting, because everything is abused in this film!

The movie opens with a full grown woman playing hop scotch! Gee, do you think she just might be a little naive and immature, and will readily fall into the evil spell that "The Sinful Dwarf" casts on her. Next thing you know she's in a dirty cell with some other girls forced into a life of heroin addiction and unwilling prostitution! How much fun can you have in one movie?

 Torben Bille is "The Sinful Dwarf!"  His name is Olaf! Okay, so what else do you want to know except that you should avoid this movie like the plague! Actually, there is one other thing, the music in the movie is pretty interesting, and was created by the phenomenal Ole Ørsted! "The Sinful Dwarf" was made in Denmark, and here's an inside joke for you, this movie has an actor in it named Ted Neumann!

 This is exactly what you might want to do if you decide to view this film! Drink a whole fifth of gin! I'd drink about half of it before you even turn on the TV, and then consume the other half during the course of this film! You might actually enjoy the movie after that!

 The best and maybe the only part of this movie worth watching is this little song and dance number put on my Olaf and his Mother, who was played by Clara Keller in her sole Film outing!

 Clara Keller performs not one, but two songs, "Cho Cho Bamba," and "The Game Of Love" in this movie!

 "The Sinful Dwarf" is a sick, twisted exploitation film, and I'm sure some people think it's freakin' fantastic, it just so happens that I'm not one of them!. I got this sucker off of Netflix, and it's hard for me to believe that out of all the movies I'd like to watch that aren't available like "Carolina Cannonball, " "Capture That Capsule," Curse Of The Moon Child," and "Good Girls Do," this turkey is! Oh, well, that's just the way it goes sometimes! Just like this movie, life ain't fair!!


Destroyer Duck said...

Did you mean Capture The Capsule by Will Zens? I'd love to see that one again. I saw it once back in the early seventies and haven't seen it since!

Eegah!! said...

Oops! Yeah DD, big typo by me, I'll go back and fix it! Thanx! I want to see "Capture That Capsule" because Dick (Bucket of Blood) Miller's in it!!

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